December DJB Competitions


December DJB Competitions

Greetings DJB,

The release of Episode VII has the potential and promise to return the Star Wars saga to its roots. Hope, wonder, and the eternal battle between good and evil will be center stage for many of us on 18 December 2015. The Dark Council and myself have decided to honor the release of Episode VII by hosting multiple low stress events for everyone to participate in. We plan on awarding 1st Level Crescents and a series of trinkets that can adorn the dossiers of those members who excel throughout the competitions.

This particular event will showcase each aspect that our Dark Council brings to the club by offering fiction, trivia, gaming, and the opportunity to help flesh out some of our existing systems (Dossier Items and Trophies!). Jac is even offering you a chance to pontificate your amazing thoughts in an essay.

I'll be hosting a run on competition on our forums that focuses on some of the Dark Brotherhood's post GJW fiction and the prompt might even hint at a few New Order/First Orderish type plans that the evil Grand Master has in store.
The rules link and forum category for this event can be found at Rules Thread.

I hope all of you have fun participating in the events, I wish all of you a happy holiday season, and more importantly I hope Episode VII meets all of your expectations.

Aabs or myself will post the details of all events tomorrow!

GM Pravus

Woohoo! I can't wait! EPISODE VII HYPE! :D

So excited!

Pew Pew, Happy Fun Time!

This sounds like fun on a bun!

This should be fun.

Too much fun, needs more amazeballs!

Let the fun begin!

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