December DJB Competitions: Official Results


December DJB Competitions: Official Results

Greetings Everyone,

We had a great deal of participation in the December Episode VII competitions and I'd like to thank all of the participants. I would also like to give a big congratulations to Clan Naga Sadow for their combined and individual efforts. CNS members placed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in the event overall. Congrats!

Here are your final results:

1) Qyreia Arronen
2) Atra "Xue Long" Ventus
3) Locke Sonjie

The Top Three will have the opportunity to pick up a few new trinkets on their dossier!

Individual Events:


1st - Qyreia & Keira
2nd - Jorm & Frosty
3rd - Zoron & Frostu

Playing with Fire:

1st - Qyreia Arronen
2nd - Arcia Cortel
‚Äč3rd - Rian Taldrya

Legends Never Die:

1st - Qyreia
2nd - Kah Manet
3rd - Fenn


1st - Keira Viru
2nd - Locke Sonjie
3rd - Yacks


1st - Alethia Archenksova
2nd - Braecen
3rd - Qyreia Arronen

Postulation and Argumentation:

1st - Rhace Tarrin
2nd - Qyreia Arronen
3rd - Augur Locke Sonjie

Heroes Are Made not Born:

1st - Alethia Archenksova
2nd - Marcus Kiriyu
3rd - Locke Sonjie

Run On

1st - Vexatus, Kaiburr, Pel, Locke, Kalu
2nd - Kat, Marick, Calindra, Rrogon, Zakath
3rd - Xia, Arch, Evant, Keira, Xen

Database Hunt

1st - Slag
2nd - Halc
3rd - Rhace

First. Well done all.

Congratulations to those who placed and great job everyone !

Bravo folks. Was a great bit of fun.

Well done everyone


Grats everyone!

Congrats CNS! Especially Snowflake!

Amazing job everyone!

Congratulations all! well done!

good job

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