Fictional Planning Notes


Fictional Planning Notes

Character Sheets in the GJW

Many of you guys are submitting and updating character sheets. Note that if you are submitting multiple aspects, approval time may slow down for you. Also please keep in mind that whatever CS you have when the GJW ends is what I will use as a reference if I have to confirm any realism issues in Run-On or Fiction, so I'd highly suggest you not create a new character for yourself in the middle of the GJW and forget that you started your runon as your first character.

The Run-On

To those that either were given or found early copies of the Run-on rules, we had a maximum post count of 1000 words listed. We have doubled this to 2000. Furthermore, the first post of all run-ons MUST be a header post with team information. See this thread for more details.

Non-Player Character Information

The NPCs provided with the fiction and run-on prompts are only ever required for use if the prompt and/or rules state they are. These NPCs are free to be murdered, killed, betrayed, smushed, fall to the side, become completely redeemed, or anything else, so long as it makes sense within the bounds of that character. They are provided as props for use, so feel free to do so. You may use NPCs not referenced in any prompt as well as those that make logical sense to be in a location but are not explicitly stated to be there in the prompt, as well.

The NPCs listed in the prompts are, as follows:

Krath Pontifices, three of Lord Ashen's most loyal Krath advisors, each having a viable claim to the future Krath High Priesthood, have been sent to the Valley of Dark Lords to open the Tomb of Marka Ragnos and retrieve whatever secrets it may hold.
Darth Necren, whose loyalty to the Dark Council was not in doubt... until she was seen working with bounty hunters loyal to the One Sith. Now a pariah, she has found her way alone to the Valley of Dark Lords, desperate to prove she still has value to the Brotherhood - though which Brotherhood is unknown.
Dantella Novae , a One Sith that helped the Brotherhood recover several of the artifacts necessary for the Rite of Supremacy, Novae has used the chaos of the Brotherhood's Civil War to return to Esoteric's side. She now seeks control of the Tomb of Marka Ragnos in order to gain its secrets.
Connor Grey, a rogue Jedi, arms dealer, and relic hunter, his allegiances are unknown. He knows the Valley of Dark Lords better than anyone, or at least so he claims.
Colyn "Tusken" Skybender, a loyalist to Lord Ashen and an excellent military mind that eschews the Force in favor of, er, force.
Synin Torin, a renowned One Sith engineer with more than a few screws loose - he is never far from his droids.
Rhiaen and Nalia Ust'essi, twin Jedi sisters that always end up appearing just before trouble and disappearing right after it starts.

Useful URLs

GJW Competitions
GJW Run-On Rules
GJW Fiction Folder
Analysis of Alliances

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Voice of the Brotherhood

Note to all: Dantella's CS is linked incorrectly in the rules for now. The correct URL is for now. Once we resolve the issue the one in the rules should be fine, but reference this CS for now.

The CS link issue has been resolved. The competition link is now working properly.

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