GJW Clan Credits and Battle Plan


GJW Clan Credits and Battle Plan

Clan Credits

Credit Earning for the Great Jedi War has been finalized. This details the bonus credits that will be earned by each Clan after the Great Jedi War is over and results are announced, in addition to credits earned through existing means on the site.

Participation Credits: Clans will earn 500,000 credits for every full participation % point they earn. This is calculated by adding up how many unique bins were participated in by members of a Clan, then dividing that by the number of available bins that could have been participated in total across the entire war for that Clan.

Clan roster sizes will be determined by the same method as the war placement. Max payment will be 50,000,000 credits for full participation.

Merit Credits: Clans will earn credits depending on their final placement in the war, relative to the other Clans. Top Clan gets 50,000,000 credits, and then the payout is reduced 5% for each lower position rounded up to the nearest 100,000 credits. This results in all Clans getting at least 37,000,000 credits, with up to 13,000,000 bonus credits for placing at the top.

  • 1st: 50,000,000
  • 2nd: 47,500,000
  • 3rd: 45,200,000
  • 4th: 43,000,000
  • 5th: 40,900,000
  • 6th: 38,900,000
  • 7th: 37,000,000

The final bonus will be paid out to Clans, adding the two numbers above. It is balanced such that Clans should see around a 15% increase in the net value of their fleets with this bonus.

Battle Plan

As a reminder to all since it's slightly different than past events, the Battle Plan Event in this GJW happens in multiple phases that do not overlap. There is a phase 1 and phase 2 that must be completed for placement. The first taking place in space while the second will take place on the ground with details to follow during phase 2. If you miss out on submitting a valid entry for phase 1, you won't be able to place in the battle plan event.

This is slightly different than past event long battle plans, but I hope it gives Clans a chance to make some decisions early on that help later and utilize the specific composition of your military forces. Giving at least some level of impact on decision making during your planning. I am looking forward to reading through the various plans that are presented.

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