GJW Intra-Clan Gaming Reminder/Warning


GJW Intra-Clan Gaming Reminder/Warning


Drac and I have investigated several complaints in the last few days about members allegedly playing only intra-clan gaming matches against members of their own units. This post is a reminder about the rules regarding those matches.

For this phase, intra-clan gaming matches (two members of a clan playing each other) are allowed. However, you may not time your availability for matches so that you are only playing fellow clan members. In order to play in the GJW, you need to make yourself available to all gaming members, not just people in your clan. If you play only against members of your clan, that might be seen as a form of match dodging and could be brought before me for consideration.

It's very easy to see when people are dodging matches from other clans. We can see summaries of your matches to tell who you are primarily playing against. We can also see chat logs of how those matches are set up and whether members have made themselves generally available to others. Keep in mind that you are not supposed to arrange matches in private messages or other channels. One easy tell that a member is match dodging is that they happen to sign onto the bot when a fellow clan member is available for a match, then they immediately leave after that match. When that happens over and over, we grow very suspicious.

Part of the reason for the warning on this is that I don't want anyone to come before me that wasn't actually trying to dodge. We can see the circumstantial evidence, and the appearance that you are only playing your clan members might be enough to get you in trouble. To make sure that doesn't happen, please make yourself generally available, and if you find that it is just your clan that you play over and over, you may want to push hard for some other opponents. We will warn you if it looks like you are running afoul of the rules, but please vary your opponents so it does not come to that.

Thank you for your cooperation with this.


Duly noted.

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