GJW XI: Sadow's Fist


GJW XI: Sadow's Fist

Thanks to Shi Long and Darth Vexatus for helping us get this together.

Galactic Center

38 ABY

“The Culmination,” said the Oracle. “It has begun.” ... And where Xanos Zorrixor - evermore and now keeping silent vigil at Trevarus’ right hand - had failed to usher in the Culmination, the other had had longer to prepare, more resources - an entire Brotherhood! - to direct, even if unknowingly, toward the ultimate goal: the Final Way.

..... On Antei, Lord Ashen had reached the final step - and now the Culmination rang out through the Force like a galactic tidal wave, tearing through the very fabric of great tapestry of creation and not even the vaunted farsight of the Grand Masters - including Lord Cotelin - had pierced the veil that had been thrown up in opposition to the dark sorceries and twisted rituals that the man who had been born Musashi Keibatsu had now stoked, kindled and nurtured for the past two years.... Faethor had been right all along."

FFC Final Way

Sepros Orbit

Orian System

The bridge was busy. Beings scurried here and there, taking readings or guiding vessels. Outside the view-ports a massive fleet had entered orbit around Sepros. ...It was a significant upgrade. The Clan had not taken the events at Tarthos lightly, nor the threats issued by other Clans and Houses.

The Neti looked at the holoprojection of the fleet that hovered before him. He could see in three dimensions the placement of each vessel as it moved around Sepros and shuttled between the planet and it’s Warhost moon. “Marshal Commander Macron Sadow. Report.”

"ISD Two Harbinger here, Consul. She has finished repairs and has been returned to us hale and hearty.” The Adept grinned as he patted the bulkhead. “She is ready for red war. They all are, including the as-yet-unnamed big bruiser over there.” His image gestured at the Khyron-class Star Destroyer’s placement in space.

...His face flexed woodenly. “You have heard of the events at Antei?” Malik Sadow regarded the hologram of his Proconsul with quiet eyes. “What is your opinion, Alchemist?” The living tree waited patiently for the answer.

It was swift in coming.The Sith smacked his fist into an outstretched hand menacingly.“We answer the Grandmaster’s call, and support Lord Ashen. He is one of our own. A comrade, a leader, a blood brother- and a Sadow.” Macron scowled. “There is no other course.

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I can't wait for this!!!!!

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I cannot wait for this! FOR SADOW!

It would seem that I've joined the Brotherhood at just the right time!

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