[GJW XII] ACC Phase I - Launch


[GJW XII] ACC Phase I - Launch


The Winds of Change

Norwal Station
Arkanis Sector, Outer Rim Territories

The dimly lit corridors of Norwal Station seemed to go on forever, winding this way and that. It was a side effect of design born from an attempt to partition the interior into residential and commercial sections. There was always a need for more direct routes to get to your destination. Usually, it wasn't a problem. You had time to get your bearings and find your way.

Usually, you weren't being chased.

A group of Omwati refugees rounded the next corner, their beaks clacking with panic as they glanced back over their shoulders. From the similar shades and patterns of their feathered crowns, it was easy to see the avian humanoids were a family. One of the youngest, unable to keep up with the rapid sprint, was held firmly in the grasp of one of their strongest. Vanya glanced down at the small girl in his arms, his spindly fingers secure around her arm. He leaned his forehead down to press against hers.

"Faster!" a female at the back called ahead. "They're still coming."

An angry sounding male offered up his opinion unbidden from somewhere in the group. "They shouldn't even be 'coming' at all! We were told it was safe here!"

"It doesn't matter, Falthor. We make for the transports," Vanya replied calmly.

An aggressive chattering came before Falthor replied. "Do you even know where the hangar is at this point?"

"No, I don't," the lead Omwati replied, unwilling to lie to his fellows.

"How convenient then, that I do," a voice cut in from down the hall.

Read the full fiction here on Discourse.


ACC Phase I: Live!

Members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The time has finally come. Great Jedi War XII is here, and it begins with the first phase of the Antei Combat Center event.

  • Phase I is open to all members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood that have Qualified for participation in the Antei Combat Center. Even Rogues may participate.

  • The winner of Phase I will be given the eighth slot in the Phase II Bracket Tournament alongside the seven other Champions from each respective Clan.

  • Phase II will begin in time with the Great Jedi War itself.

  • The Winds of Change fiction above helps provide additional plot information that will inform the prompt that will marquee the event. Reading the fiction is not required but will provide optional context to competitors should they wish to immerse themselves in the narrative.

  • The Prompt, as found in the competition details:


It's not so simple a thing to separate fact from fiction. Reports can be falsified. Misdirection at play in a more cerebral kind of war. So, how then can one be certain of anything no matter their alliegence? When hunted as prey to be eliminated, when do you know it is truly over?

Yet that is the situation that befalls the Brotherhood and those at war with it. Pravus is gone. The reports have been confirmed from a variety of sources, but with no boots on the ground to verify, what can truly be believed? The line between friend and foe blurs as those who choose to believe find themselves at odds with those more suspicious. How can such prejudice be so easily put aside? Not everyone can. Not everyone will.

The Lotus and those embroiled in the conflict Pravus has spawned find themselves at an impass. They must search out their own truth in a sea of discontent and confusion that may very well have them in conflict with even their closest allies.

You can find the details of the event in the competition page.

Match Queuing

Thanks to the continued wizardry of James’ magical coding, match queuing for the event will be handled entirely by the websites Open Challenge function. Members can access this by heading to:

Antei Combat CenterBattlesOpen Challenge

nav to open challenge

Step-by-step Guide

Step 1: Navigate to Open Challenge

Step 2: Select your main character and your desired loadout.

Step 3: Select the “Phase I: Winds of Change [GJWXII]” competition.

Step 4: Select “Alternate Ending” match type.

Step 5: Challenge!

submit challenge

Step 6: BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD—I mean...achem. You will receive an email notification when you are paired with an opponent. The match is created automatically and will let you know who has first post.

You are now ready to destroy some evil! If that’s what you’re into, of course. Perhaps you simply see a red door...and you want to paint it black?

Please Note:

  • If you pick an Alt Character or Singular Ending, it will not match the Competition settings and you will not be entered into queue. An alert should inform you if this is the case.

  • As the maximum simultaneous matches for this competition are set to "2", you may repeat this process whenever you have less than 2 active matches.


For this event, matches between members of the same top-level unit will not be forced to fight one another. Other than the storytelling challenges this presents, from a mechanics side it is not something we want in this format of competition.

Existing matches between clanmates are going to be closed as of now. You are free to submit back to the queue for another match. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused those who started working on their posts, but we felt it was best to fix this immediately and swiftly.

This happened mostly as a result of the new Open Challenge feature and ACC Competition type that was created. In the past, this style event was handled through Google Forms and manual match creation.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. We kicked things off with 20 matches in a matter of hours, and I'm really excited to see this event through.


In closing, please review the following information.

  1. You can find all the rules to the competition here.
  2. All matches will take place in the Phase I: Winds of Change [GJWXII] hall.
  3. The Fiction is not required reading, but is there to provide additional flavor and context to the event.
  4. You can submit matches from the ACC Homepage by using the “Open Challenge” feature.
  5. Make sure to select the correct competition and “Alternative Ending” when creating a challenge.
  6. You can only have two (2) matches going simultaneously. Three is right out.
  7. Proofread your posts. Check your word counts before posting.

If you have any questions, please contact myself or Atra through:

Good luck, fighters.



A lot of thought and planning has gone into this event. I hope you all are able to enjoy it, as that is the end goal!

Kick arse and take no prisoners!

Wooo Awesome. So going to do this, just need to finish final touches on CS and loadout ;) Good luck to everyone.

I hope you've done those 4 things you need to do Wally

Good luck to all who enter! Let's enjoy this war together.


Rolling Stones reference. nods sagely

May the odds - writing - may ever be in your favour.

Good luck to all!

More ACC for the ACC god!

But do you all know the Ten Duel Commandments?

Bring it on and goodluck! Woo!

The challenge demands satisfaction.

I was good and went an entire newspost without going HAM. :|

I wish I could do this, but got told my character sheet, which hasn't changed in a couple years, is not within the guidelines and wasn't told what was in error on it and still haven't figured it out.

Hi there, Brimstone,

I'd pull up the Remand e-mail again for your sheet—like I just did—and you will see the second half of the remand explains what needs to be changed.

It would also help to ask the Voice Staff whenever you are confused rather than waiting a month and then commenting on an unrelated report!

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