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Accelerated Healing Chosen Force Feat

The character's gift for Healing allows them to use Healing to quickly and efficiently heal minor wounds in mere moments and with no real concentration needed.

Related Skills/Powers: Healing

Prerequisites: Order Group: Force Sensitives

07/20/2013 / 06/15/2018
Active Reload Chosen Skill Feat

The character is familiar enough with their ranged weapon that they can reload instinctively without losing focus or skipping a beat. This allows for significantly faster reloading, even when in motion.

Related Skills/Powers: Blasters, Miscellaneous Weapons, and Slugthrowers

Prerequisites: Rank Tier: Journeyman

08/09/2015 / 12/16/2017
Aleena: Bite Size Granted Default Feat

Due to their small form, The character is able to fit or stow away into smaller areas and confined spaces. While this makes them better suited towards scouting and moving about unseen, their body mass makes them subject to the harsh realities of physics when utilizing their Might against non-small form species, or utilizing their Stamina to cover the same distances or carry out tasks that require physical stamina.

Related Skills/Powers: Might and Stamina

Prerequisites: Species: Aleena

09/11/2015 / 10/08/2018
Aleena: Nine Lives Granted Default Feat

Aleena are known to be easily excitable, and will often rush into danger before truly knowing the full scope of it. Fortunately, they have evolved to possess heightened-reflexes in their spry physiology. The character is often able to avoid impending physical harm thanks to them elevated reaction time, even if it is their own fault for being in danger in the first place.

Prerequisites: Species: Aleena

09/11/2015 / 06/15/2018
Alter Image Chosen Force Feat

The character is able to use their Illusion power on themself for the sole purpose of projecting an alternate image. This can change The character’s appearance from head to toe to reflect their desired description so long as full concentration is maintained. Droids and security cameras are not affected by the altered image.

Related Skills/Powers: Illusion

Prerequisites: Rank: Journeyman 4 and Order Group: Force Sensitives

08/09/2015 / 06/15/2018
Alternate Wielding Chosen Skill Feat

The character has trained equally with both of their hands and can fight easily with a weapon in one or the other. Not to be confused with dual wielding, they simply no longer has an off-hand, and can fight seamlessly at full effectiveness even if one hand is completely disabled.

Prerequisites: Rank: Equite 1

08/09/2015 / 06/15/2018
Ambidexterity Chosen Skill Feat

The character can wield a single weapon fairly in either their left or right hand. While combat applicable, The character still favors one hand over the other. If the primary hand is hindered, they can still fight effectively, but not at peak performance.

Prerequisites: Rank: Journeyman 2

08/09/2015 / 06/15/2018
Anzat: Addictive Tendencies Granted Default Feat

While not all Anzati are addicted to feeding on other being’s ‘soup,’ the species as a whole has developed a tendency for being drawn to addictive substances. As a result, The character is more susceptible to persuasion or influence in a scenario that involves the potential for substance abuse or indulgence.

Prerequisites: Species: Anzat

08/08/2015 / 08/08/2015
Anzat: ‘Soup’ For You Granted Default Feat

The character can drink the ‘soup’ of an enemy to regain energy. Thus, The character can use Mind Trick for the sole purpose of temporarily immobilizing a victim they wish to feed on. Feeding requires unbroken concentration, however, leaving them vulnerable during the process.

Related Skills/Powers: Mind Trick

Prerequisites: Species: Anzat

08/13/2013 / 06/15/2018
Arkanian: Infrared Vision Granted Default Feat

Arkanians have evolved on a dark and frigid homeworld and, as a result, The character is capable of seeing into the infrared spectrum. This gives them exceptional vision even on the darkest of nights.

Related Skills/Powers: Perception

Prerequisites: Species: Arkanian

08/30/2013 / 06/15/2018
Arkanian: Sunglasses At Night Granted Default Feat

While the conditions of their homeworld have allowed them to see into the infrared spectrum, their eyes are sensitive to sources of extreme heat. This forces members of the Arkanian species to use blinders on worlds with hotter suns. When looking at sources of intense heat, The character is effectively blind until they shields their vision from sources of extreme heat.

Prerequisites: Species: Arkanian

08/08/2015 / 06/15/2018
A Soul for a Soul Chosen Force Feat

In addition to being able to channel life and Force energy from a source other than themselves to fuel their healing ability, The character can, using a lengthy and complicated process, channel life and Force energy from a subdued living target to return a dead target to life.

Related Skills/Powers: Healing

Prerequisites: Rank: Elder 2 and Order Group: Force Sensitives

01/22/2020 / 01/23/2020
Assess The Situation Chosen Skill Feat

The character is extremely skilled at scanning an area for information. The character can replace their Perception Skill Level with their Investigation Skill Level for the purposes of quickly gathering information on a situation.

Related Skills/Powers: Investigation and Perception

Prerequisites: None

08/17/2013 / 06/15/2018
Aura Of Fear Chosen Force Feat

The character has the ability to wear the Dark Side as a perpetual aura of fear that stretches out around them. This fear causes mundanes to steer clear of their path and can even cast doubt in those of lower Resolve than The character's Terror ability.

Related Skills/Powers: Resolve and Terror

Prerequisites: Rank: Equite 4 and Order Group: Force Sensitives

08/21/2013 / 06/15/2018
Barabel: Defensive Measures Granted Default Feat

Barabels are covered in tough, dark scales that are resilient against the stun effects of a blaster. Instead, anyone firing blasters set on stun would find that The character is able to shrug off the attacks while the projectiles reflect off their scales.

Prerequisites: Species: Barabel

08/13/2013 / 06/15/2018
Barabel: Unapologetic Granted Default Feat

A common occurrence among members of the Barabel species, the concept of apologies, whether for a misdeed or sympathetic reasons, is unknown to The character. Lacking this skill might reflect poorly on their personal image, especially when an apology is not given for a misdeed on their part.

Prerequisites: Species: Barabel

08/08/2015 / 06/15/2018
Battlefield Awareness I Granted Force Feat

Marauders weave their way through a battlefield with the speed and precision of a choreographed dance. In order to accomplish this, The character focuses in on the ambient Force of their surroundings to tap into and intuitively perceive the flow of battle. The character can track the relative position of a handful of enemy targets within their immediate vicinity whether they are in their line of sight or not. Once a target is flagged, The character can better handle engaging two opponents within their sphere of awareness.

Prerequisites: Discipline: Marauder and Rank Tier: Journeyman (exact)

08/10/2013 / 06/18/2019
Battlefield Awareness II Granted Force Feat

Equite Marauders have further refined their innate connection to the ambient Force of a battlefield, and The character is able to perceive not only the relative position of nearby enemies, but also track all enemy targets within their immediate vicinity. Once tagged, The character can better handle attacks from multiple opponents at the same time within their sphere of awareness.

Prerequisites: Discipline: Marauder and Rank Tier: Equite (exact)

08/10/2013 / 06/15/2018
Battlefield Awareness III Granted Force Feat

Elder Marauders are true masters of the battlefield, leveraging their powerful connection to the Force to perceive participants across the entire battlefield. The character can perceive and mentally track enemy targets through the Force across a vast area. When engaging these enemies, they can track not only close-quarter attacks, but long range ones as well within their sphere of awareness.

Prerequisites: Discipline: Marauder and Rank Tier: Elder

08/10/2013 / 06/15/2018
Battle Haste I Granted Force Feat

Marauders feed on the energy of combat. With every strike of their weapon, The character’s adrenaline flares and augments their Athletics skill. As they continues to fight, their swings become faster, their movements accelerating as attacks string together. The use of raw emotion takes away from The character’s accuracy, and when the battle pauses or comes to an end they experiences temporary fatigue as they come down from a battle-high.

Prerequisites: Discipline: Marauder and Rank Tier: Journeyman (exact)

08/10/2013 / 12/17/2018