GJW XII Updates: Placement Points, Collective Strike


GJW XII Updates: Placement Points, Collective Strike

Quick Great Jedi War Updates

Greetings all,

The Great Jedi War has been rocking and we've seen hundreds of submissions already! As the Great Jedi War moves into the final week of Phase I, we wanted to bring you some quick updates. We've updated Placement Points and provided another two options for Collective Strike. Read on for more details!

Placement Points

As you all know, the unexpected failure of a Flash game caused us to cancel one of our gaming competitions we had slated for Phase I. We've modified placement points for this phase and updated them in competitions, causing a minor increase in points for all competitions and a decent increase for both gaming competitions remaining in this Phase. We've also updated the GJW XII Wiki with placement information, and the Wiki will be the authority in the future if there is ever a typo or confusion over how much competitions are worth.

Collective Strike: Additional Targets Acquired

We've updated the Event Long Collective Strike with two new targets:

These two join a set of three other Collective agents members may take on in Collective Strike.

To provide a bit of additional clarity, this competition is a fiction competition with an explicit combat focus. As this is meant to be a story about the combat between one of these characters and your main character or alt, your entry should tell a story about the combat between these (and potentially other!) characters, and the combat itself should be more than an afterthought if you are interested in placing. The exact 'amount' of combat required is not something that can be easily quantified, and will depend on each member's story. As this is being judged based on the Fiction Rubric, you are a bit more free to introduce elements that might not be possible in the ACC, including other characters, and you are not restricted by what rules may restrict ACC posts. Keep in mind that unlike most fiction competitions, this competition's prompt is explicitly focused on combat. Members may choose any of the targets we list and entries will not be judged based on the perceived difficulty of the combat between the characters, and we strongly encourage creativity in combat and storytelling!

The competition itself has been updated with the above targets and has seen a minor clarification update, to ensure members are aware they may use alts.

Phase I: One Week Left!

Phase I has one week left, with competitions closing on 10/30! We've already seen hundreds of entries and are expecting plenty more. Don't miss out on the extra bonus points by participating in at least one competition per bin! You can track your participation in bins by checking out the GJW XII parent competition and ensure you've got submissions to all of Phase I.

That's it for now, and we hope you enjoy all the competitions GJW XII has to offer! As always, our door is always open, on Telegram or by email.

Good luck!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Deputy Grand Master

finish Phase 1 strong!

Having a blast so far, great work!

Can the combat be a part of a larger story? Or if it were part of a larger story would only the combat part be graded?

The conflict/combat of the post has to be the focal point of the story Dek, so that "larger story" would potentially cause issues in terms of adherence to the prompt if the combat is just an afterthought and not what it revolves around.

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