[GJW XIII - Discord] Phase II Begins!


[GJW XIII - Discord] Phase II Begins!

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Greetings all,

Phase II of the Great Jedi War has begun! Although the Brotherhood has produced evidence of the Collective false-flag attack, the Severian Principate remains skeptical of the Brotherhood's motivations. To make matters worse, elements of the Principate 5th Fleet have taken up arms against the Brotherhood system-wide. As the Collective launches a plot to destabilize the Clans of the Brotherhood, your choices will determine the future between the Brotherhood, the Severian Principate, and the Collective!



Command Center
Meridian Prime Space Station
Rimward of KesselBrotherhood Territory

The Director of the Inquisitorius had spent the last year away from Arx and on Meridian Prime station. While she was not in the chain of command for the Iron Navy, she knew that the two heavy cruisers—Ariccia and Aggius—from the Iron Navy’s 6th Task Force had been sent as a show of non-aggression by the new Fist of the Brotherhood. They were not equipped to handle one of the Collective's dreadnoughts, let alone its flagship.

Ness’arin unscrewed the top to her insulated bottle and took a slow, long sip of her piping hot caf. She could not recall the last time she had registered a full nights sleep, nor could she count the amount of times over the past few months she had been pulled away from a hot meal, only to later return to it having gotten cold. There was a thick knot between her shoulder blades and she had developed what felt like a lingering headache that, while it didn’t distract her from her work, liked to remind her that it was, indeed, present.

Nevertheless, the Director had a job to do. Everything hinged on the Brotherhood’s first formal meeting with the Severian Principate. So, of course nothing had gone according to plan. Fortunately, Ness’arin had been prepared.

With the help of the new Deputy Grand Master’s ship—Affinity—the Inquisitorius had been able to establish a secure relay chain between Meridian Station, their small fleet of IG-V55 Surveillance vessels, and the Lyra-3k-a system. While that gave her near-real time intel on the unfolding situation between the three diametric organizations, there was still a significant delay in reaching all the way back to Arx in the Unknown Regions.

“We’ve managed to decrypt the transmission we intercepted earlier, Madame Director,” one of her Operator’s said without looking up from their typing. They adjusted their headset but otherwise maintained focus. “Passing the log through to your display.”

Meridian was the gift that kept on giving. Thanks to some of the abandoned tech left behind by the Collective, the Seneschal's slicers had managed to reverse engineer some of the Collective’s security profiles. While little was known of the enigmatic Dark Councilor, his designs for the Advanced Inquisitorius Network were giving them a much needed edge in the battle for knowledge. And with tensions already reaching their precipice, knowledge would prove stronger than words alone.

The Director’s silver eyes sifted through the stream of data scrolling across her terminal. If what she was reading was correct, then the Collective was sending out dossiers that aligned with the respective leaders of each of the Brotherhood clan summits. It was choppy, but with the help of the operators she was able to piece together defining features of not just the clan’s Consuls, but their Proconsuls as well in some cases. The longer she analyzed the information, the more she began to understand the full weight of the situation.

Normally, the Director would pass intelligence relevant to the Clans to the Voice, who would consult with the Grand Master, who would ultimately see the information disseminated as he felt appropriate. There simply wasn’t enough time to wait for that relay.

Ness’arin knew the current state of the Brotherhood better than anyone, even some of the Dark Councilors. Over the past two years, she had proven time and again why the Voice had hand picked her to oversee the day-to-day operation of the Inquisitorius. The Weequay woman spent every minute of her day making life or death decisions. This would not be the first such call the Director had made today, and it certainly would not be her last.

“Inform the clans of what we’ve discovered,” the Director ordered in an iron-clad voice. “Upload all decrypted dossier data with attached sitreps.” She paused as the Operators hammered away at the keys to their terminals, seamlessly keeping up with her commands. “Emergency override code: Yavin-Echo-Echo-Tracer.

“Authorization...confirmed. Transmitting, Director.”

The fate of the Brotherhood’s relationship with the Severian Principate now hinged on the actions of the members of each clan. All she could do now was wait.

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Phase II Information

GJWXIII: Discord is a Vendetta event that runs until 8/26/2019. Phase II has just begun, and with it, we have launched eleven new competitions across four bins, adding to the twelve Event Long competitions already running. Phase II will finish on 8/26/2019, and with it, GJWXIII will conclude!

The Great Jedi War uses the Bin format for participation credit. As a reminder, only the first competition in any Bin counts for participation credit - but novae, placement points, and seals are up for grabs in all competitions!


Theaters of War: An Increasing Threat from the Collective and 5th Fleet Mutineers

Although the Principate ambassadors have been provided evidence exonerating the Brotherhood, they remain skeptical of the motives of the Brotherhood and its Clans, but they are now also mistrustful of the Collective. Despite the government’s reassurances, many individual civilians - and military personnel of the 5th Fleet - still believe the Brotherhood to be at fault for the recent attacks. Across the Lyra system, despite the urgings of the Principate government, mistrust dominates and Brotherhood personnel are viewed - at best - with skepticism. Outright hostilities have broken out between significant portions of the 5th Fleet and the Brotherhood, and additional 5th Fleet assets have entered the Lyra System and are reinforcing all Theaters. Not all of these assets are mutineers, and particularly for newly arrived forces, they are still potential allies for the Clans, depending on the actions of each Clan.


Competition Questions and Errors

Sometimes you might have a question about the wording or meaning of a competition. Sometimes there are typographical errors that happen in competition organization. If you see an error in any of the Great Jedi War competitions, we really do want to know about it. If you have a question? We really want to answer it.

The best way to get your question answered is to email the competition organizers, Mav, and Evant. They’ll be able to clarify the meaning, and if need be, have the error fixed. Please be sure to send all questions by email so that we can track them effectively.


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