Competition: Great Jedi War XIII: Discord

Great Jedi War XIII: Discord

GJW XII: Discord

Diplomatic negotiations between the Severian Principate and the Brotherhood have been thrown into disarray with the surprising appearance of the Collective. With the Collective moving to frame the Brotherhood through system-wide attacks and bombings, the Brotherhood and Principate teeter at the edge of War.

Chaos has taken hold in the Lyra system. Out of this chaos can come many things, from stability and alliance, to chaos and war - and your actions will determine the fate of the Brotherhood and the Principate!

Discord is Dark Brotherhood Vendetta Event, running from July 20th to August 26th.

For the most up to date information, please visit the Great Jedi War XIII Wiki Page

Event Phases

  • Phase I of the Great Jedi War runs from July 20 until August 5

  • Phase II of the Great Jedi War runs from August 10 until August 26


Competitions in each Phase are divided into competition types, or 'bins'. The first time a member participates in a competition within a Phase's bin, that member is awarded the participation points associated with that bin. In addition, members earn bonus participation points by participating in at least one competition in each bin.
Phase I and Phase II will each grant an additional 3 participation points for completing all bins in a phase, while the Event Long Phase will grant an additional 4 participation points. Individual competitions still award seals and credits, and members that place will earn placement points and Novae if placing in the top three.

Theaters and Theater Combatants

Theaters are key locations where the most intense fighting in the Lyra system is occurring. The three Theaters are the Lyra Colony and associated ruins, the Moon of Thillon and particularly the mining facility therein, and the Thuvis Shipyards. More detailed information on theaters are available in fiction updates and in the prompt for the Event Long run-on competition.

In addition to usage in the run-on, we have started a voluntary program called Theater Combatants. As described previously, members may volunteer one of their characters to be present at a specific Theater for the use of other writers. This is not binding to the volunteer (that is, they can write the character anywhere), and they are not bound by what is done to the character by other authors. However, writers are free to use any Theater Combatants in any encounter within a Theater they write.

Placement and Hero Titles

  • Clans earn points when members participate in competition types/bins or when members place in a competition. In accordance with the directives governing Vendetta Events in the Brotherhood, the Clan with the most points at the conclusion of Great Jedi War XIII will be named First Clan of the Brotherhood, while the Clan with the second and third most points will be Second Clan and Third Clan, respectively.

  • The top three individuals earning the most points in Great Jedi War XIII will be awarded War Hero titles. Members with tie scores will be broken following an Olympic-style Novae and placement ranking.

  • The rules for placement in individual sub-competitions are covered within their descriptions below.

  • The weight for placement of each competition is described within the competition.

Competition Information
Organized by
Prophet Howlader Taldrya, Adept Atra Ventus, Master Dacien Victae, Augur Alaris Jinn, Master Marick Tyris Arconae, Adept Selika Roh, Augur Takota Okami, Prophet James Lucius Entar, Master Evant Taelyan, Grand Master Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Running time
2019-07-20 until 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
None/Other (Manually Awarded)
158 subscribers, of which 158 have participated.
Bin Overview
Title Status Running time
[GJW XIII Event Long] Gaming  
Heroes Bracket Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
Ye Olde Cluster Race Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
Jedi Academy Bracket Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
[GJW XIII Event Long] Miscellaneous  
Make a Mav Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
War Were Declared Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
Voice Acting Audiobook Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
Record of Deeds Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
[GJW XIII Event Long] Multimedia  
Battle Plan Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
The Offering Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
Comic Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
[GJW XIII Event Long] Team-Based Fiction  
Small Team Co-op Fiction Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
Clan-Wide Run On Theaters of War Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-26 (about 1 month)
[GJW XIII Phase II] Fiction  
Multi-Objective Prompt Finished 2019-08-10 - 2019-08-26 (16 days)
Combat Writing Finished 2019-08-10 - 2019-08-26 (16 days)
[GJW XIII Phase II] Gaming  
Laser Overload Finished 2019-08-10 - 2019-08-26 (16 days)
Overwatch PvP Ladder Finished 2019-08-10 - 2019-08-26 (16 days)
Dauntless Scavenger Hunt Finished 2019-08-10 - 2019-08-26 (16 days)
[GJW XIII Phase II] Graphics  
New Friends? Finished 2019-08-10 - 2019-08-26 (16 days)
Hearts and Minds Finished 2019-08-10 - 2019-08-26 (16 days)
[GJW XIII Phase II] Miscellaneous  
Hunt the Jedi Finished 2019-08-10 - 2019-08-26 (16 days)
New Acquisitions Finished 2019-08-10 - 2019-08-26 (16 days)
The Story so far.... Finished 2019-08-10 - 2019-08-26 (16 days)
Sudooku II Finished 2019-08-10 - 2019-08-26 (16 days)
[GJW XIII Phase I] Fiction  
Multi-Objective Prompt Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-05 (16 days)
[GJW XIII Phase I] Gaming  
Fierce Twilight Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-05 (16 days)
Diablo 3 Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-05 (16 days)
Hearthstone PvP Ladder Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-05 (16 days)
[GJW XIII Phase I] Graphics  
Divine Wind Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-05 (16 days)
Calling Card Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-05 (16 days)
[GJW XIII Phase I] Miscellaneous  
Mav is Old and Hates Gifs Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-05 (16 days)
Venue Creation Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-05 (16 days)
Sudooku I Finished 2019-07-20 - 2019-08-05 (16 days)
Place Name Score
1st Warlord Ciara Tearnan Rothwell Tarentae Score: 1347.708441
2nd Battlemaster Alaisy Tir’eivra Score: 1247.751124
3rd Grand Master Declan Roark Score: 1173.595392
4th Warlord Rulvak Qurroc Score: 1170.645359
5th Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae Score: 1125.318003
6th Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu Score: 1071.525688
7th Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen Score: 959.8436784
8th Master V'yr Vorsa Score: 901.1071078
9th General Zentru'la Score: 650.7741208
10th Warden A'lora Kituri Score: 566.4473395
11th Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var Score: 547.1805875
12th Lieutenant Colonel Essik Lyccane Score: 535.1794788
13th Eminent Kalan Amak Score: 520.9304426
14th Warlord Etah Obsidyn Score: 493.698335
15th Battlelord Hades Score: 492.9716693
16th Mystic Hilgrif Score: 482.9887742
17th Seer Tali Sroka Score: 472.2427529
18th Mystic Sera Kaern Score: 471.9219495
19th Warlord Lucine Vasano Score: 471.7438407
20th Reaver Elequin Score: 467.5277625
21st Augur Justinios Taldrya Drake Score: 461.2587873
22nd Battlelord Ranarr Kul-Tarentae Score: 418.6262585
23rd Vanguard Jafits Skrumm Score: 407.4507188
24th Corsair Aylin Sajark Score: 399.2010243
25th Augur Manji Keibatsu Sadow Score: 377.133841
26th Adept Rian Taldrya Score: 372.8316403
27th Battlelord Marcus Armani Score: 372.6648526
28th Augur Vez Hirundo Score: 364.7027421
29th Colonel Kenath Zoron Score: 357.8001932
30th Augur Shanree Argentin Score: 355.2880952
31st Augur Aiden Lee Deshra Score: 345.9278776
32nd Corsair Kanal O'neill Score: 321.9272579
33rd Reaver Diyrian "Diy" Grivna Score: 318.1400465
34th Battlelord Takagari "DarkHawk" KogaRyu Score: 312.801141
35th Lieutenant Colonel Len Iode Score: 304.5747631
36th Corsair TuQ’uan Varick di Plagia Score: 296.9775017
37th Major Emere Galo Score: 295.7120294
38th Battlelord Cymbre Kall Score: 292.4171014
39th Eminent Idris Adenn Score: 284.3459423
40th Savant Xolarin Score: 282.8036046
41st Battlemaster Brimstone aka Seabr'imsto'nedansr Score: 278.2301727
42nd Eminent Val Cole Score: 269.9979789
43rd Commander Sulith Bekett Score: 265.4258992
44th Augur Alara Deathbane Score: 257.4469792
45th General Stres'tron'garmis Score: 249.6610051
46th Savant Ethan Martes Score: 243.6542293
47th Colonel Liandry Lhucci Cataa Score: 236.1457306
48th Knight Zanothi Nightblade Score: 235.6819727
49th Warlord Furios Morega di Plagia Score: 229.0158092
50th Augur Kashiro Score: 228.7942214
51st Battlelord Reiden Palpatine Karr Score: 224.5080005
52nd Mystic Appius "Zappius" Wight Score: 255.2595767
53rd Trainee Mu'L'Guh Score: 215.3368241
54th Augur Xantros Score: 210.1621532
55th Battlelord Malisane Sadow Score: 209.8011405
56th Mystic Aru Law Score: 203.0633395
57th Padawan Irhan Lo'Vex Score: 201.3786251
58th Warlord Andrelious J. Inahj Score: 193.063954
59th Warlord Bentre Sadow Score: 191.3229836
60th Corsair Kano Tor Tydex Score: 190.2422305
61st Warrior Karran Val'teo Score: 189.1195605
62nd Augur Junazee Score: 171.42116
63rd Battlelord Jorm (The Jester) Na'trej Score: 164.103634
64th Corsair Aiden Dru Score: 162.4529359
65th Adept Montresor Score: 161.6355396
66th Seer Morax Darkblade Score: 157.6742357
67th Warlord Rajhin Score: 151.8581478
68th Master Gavriel Kadesh Score: 150.6488877
69th Adept Macron Goura Sadow Score: 147.8406194
70th Battlelord Taranae Rhode Score: 145.5167382
70th Battlemaster Abadeer Taasii Score: 145.5167382
70th Warrior Khryso Mallus Score: 145.5167382
73rd Adept Strategos Thanatos Entar Arconae Score: 143.8261675
74th Vanguard Maximus Alvinius Score: 142.9713572
75th Warlord Rhys Pwyll Score: 128.9910714
76th Raider Grot Score: 127.5619584
77th Battlelord Tasha'Vel Versea Score: 127.4517186
78th Warrior Silvana Khai Score: 121.4786072
79th Warrior Magik Score: 114.4786072
80th Augur Farrin Xies Tarentae Score: 113.9483725
81st Augur Raistline Taldrya Majere Score: 113.7229184
82nd Warlord Silent Score: 113.5167382
83rd Battlelord Rrogon Skar Agrona Score: 112.4786072
84th Battlemaster Aleister Mavros Score: 106.5167382
85th Augur Tra'an Reith di Plagia Score: 105.5167382
86th Mystic Zuser Whuloc Score: 102.5167382
87th Warrior Jashashi "Vesh" Zaes Score: 102.4186853
88th Hunter Alsorna Score: 92.74235586
89th Commander Von Ricmore Score: 107.31948165
90th Warlord Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter Score: 82.79496681
91st Savant Sa Ool Score: 79.12857141
92nd Adept Malik Sadow Score: 74.87904601
93rd Augur Terran Koul Score: 73.97545971
94th Battlelord Dek Iron'yikut Score: 66.79496681
95th Augur Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar Score: 62.97112664
96th Raider Zed Score: 62.95037593
97th Professional Soren Leonis Score: 58.78223985
98th Battlemaster Kul'tak Drol Score: 53.48007517
99th Adept Timeros Caesus Entar Arconae Score: 52.27798953
100th Battlelord Dirg Bantius Score: 51.59398495
101st Seer Revak Kur Score: 51.29699248
102nd Knight Creshkin Vos Score: 50.59398495
103rd Battlelord Azmodius Equesinfernum Score: 49.59398495
104th Warlord Arden Karn di Plagia Score: 49
104th Battlemaster Aldaric Score: 49
106th Augur Ashia Kagan Keibatsu Score: 42
107th Colonel Kojiro Keibatsu Sadow Score: 40
108th Augur Locke Sonjie Score: 39
109th Battlelord Ra'gnar Score: 38.41726184
110th Colonel Mauro Wynter Score: 36
111th Vanguard Aerwin Tribwell-Urr Score: 31.60107411
112th Raider Jon Silvon Score: 28.94548872
113th Warrior Nobilus Score: 24.63431793
114th Knight Tyga Orn Nilim Score: 24
114th Battlelord Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae Score: 24
114th Seer Tybalt Ma'jahirr Rawioni Score: 24
117th Battlemaster Rayne Score: 23.41726184
118th Master Darth Aeternus Score: 22
119th Warrior Catmatui Score: 21
120th Knight Rivio Rosan Score: 20
121st Reaver Occultan Iacul Score: 17.41726184
122nd Mystic Kant Lavar Score: 17
122nd Savant Voden Score: 17
124th Commander Wagglehorn Score: 14
125th Battlemaster Armad Score: 12
126th Knight Tyraal Bitshiver Score: 10.64849624
127th Knight Luka Zarkot Score: 10
127th Battlelord Maenaki Delavi'in Score: 10
127th Battlemaster Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj Score: 10
130th Battlelord Jades A Sadow Score: 9
130th Savant Xenna Azara Score: 9
132nd Professional Shayna Phantom Score: 8
132nd Augur Edgar Drachen Score: 8
134th Captain Dasha 'Jala' Talus Score: 7
134th Battlemaster Talos Score: 7
134th Warrior Bobecc Varga Score: 7
137th Neophyte Ezra Score: 6
137th Raider Ala'ar Rinn Score: 6
137th Knight Obsidian Score: 6
140th Captain Purren Strost Score: 5
140th Warrior Alexander DelGotto Score: 5
140th Knight Ahsik Warren Score: 5
140th Warden Celevon Werd'la Score: 5
140th Raider Kelviin Score: 5
140th Sergeant Kerlos Yeff Surik Score: 5
146th Augur Mune Cinteroph Score: 3
146th Knight Jason Kane Score: 3
146th Battlelord Pel Tarentae Score: 3
146th Battlemaster Nero Inferni Score: 3
146th Knight Marcinius Turelles Score: 3
146th Mystic Kryy Vitaan Score: 3
146th Corsair Zxyl Venzos Taldrya Score: 3
146th Knight Greenfire Solaris Score: 3
146th Battlelord Dakari Palpatine Score: 3
146th Neophyte Sen'tai Denari Score: 3
156th Mystic Talis Kor-Zar Score: 2
156th Mystic Kadrol Hauen Score: 2
156th Hunter Lokast Falls Score: 2