[GJW XIV] Homefront: Chapter 3


[GJW XIV] Homefront: Chapter 3


Throne Room
The Dark Ascent, Above Eos City
Arx System — Brotherhood Territory

The Grand Master stood silent.

Through the throne room’s massive windows, he surveyed all that he had allowed to come to pass, all in accordance with his vision. The time was nearing for the climax, the singular final stroke that would secure his seat of power and the rise of his Sith Empire. His eyes trailed up, where the sky was streaked with bright, glittering, burning slashes as the debris of the conflict above the planet continued to re-enter the atmosphere. He then looked down towards the base of the great mountain that housed the Dark Ascent.

Eos City, the grand demonstration of the Brotherhood rule on the planet, smoldered and burned. Alleyways would flash with illumination as explosions flared and blaster fire was exchanged. His eyes followed one of the major roads, cutting through the sea of packed buildings. He smiled as he absorbed the beautiful layout of the city, a sight that could only be appreciated from above.

At Pravus’ insistence, construction of assets on the planet had regularly changed contractors, and Eos was no exception to that. This had, in fact, made it surprisingly easy for Telaris Cantor to slip in his own modifications to the city’s layout. Years of research, study, and an untold amount of credits funneled through the Shadow Academy had finally come to fruition with the layout of this city.

He took a deep breath and focused. His vision of the future was still clear in his mind. James would ensure key pieces would be where they needed to be at the end of the war. Where they needed to be at the start of his empire.

The rest of the pieces of his game had fallen in line perfectly. The Collective was throwing all they had at the Brotherhood and were at this very moment entrenching themselves within the city. The Clans had answered the call as he expected, looking to finally end the long-standing threat the Collective posed. And now, his wayward apprentice was finally making his way to face him.

It was time for the Grand Master to finally act.

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Hello Everyone,

Thank you for your patience as we worked on delivering Chapter Three of Homefront. As noted by Evant, we had some 72 different members complete all nine bins in the war. This brings Chapter Three up to a very lengthy 20 pages of story. As the Collective bears in seeking to eradicate the Brotherhood once and for all, this left us in a unique position to force groups of members not typically seen together to fight alongside on the planet’s surface. Rather than divide this fiction into different clan sections, the on the ground fighting is weaved in between sections of the main plot we had planned for this war.

Locations for the member scenes are based upon the clan theater selections for part two of the run-on competition. That means that members from Arcona, Odan-Urr, Plagueis, and Vizsla can be found in sections labeled as Eos City. Members from Naga Sadow, Scholae Palatinae, and Taldryan can be found in sections labels as Iron Legion Headquarters.

Due to the crazy amount of members needing to be featured I want to give a special shout out and massive thank you to Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae. Atty was a massive help in getting many of the member features written and helping punch up the bits of it I handled.

Finally, I would like to say this is not the end of the Homefront story. Chapter three got very long very quickly. To make it more slightly digestible and easy to read, several sections have been moved to an epilogue which will be released following the results. These sections deal with the post-war aftermath.


First :P

So much effort went into this. So many names...Great job!


Job well done, the fiction is strong within the DJB.

Thanks for all the hard work! Great fiction!

Managing to include everyone was a truly tremendous feat. Very well done, you have my respect!

Great work!

Amazing job, everyone. Thank you for everything you do!

Enjoyed the story thoroughly. Thank you for all the work you put into this! And also thank you Atty for helping out.

Love the tag team tornado knife storm going on too :p

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Nice job getting all those names in there.

Woo fiction!

An excellent job with the story! And a great job getting all of those names in the story, that could not have been easy. And might I extend my belated congratulations to the 72 who completed all nine bins.

Well done on the fiction!

Wow that was a huge fiction! Awesome

That was an enjoyable read. Would recommend and read again, for sure. 5/5

Awesome fiction, Idris. :D

Awesome job of keeping this concise and readable despite having to feature a bazillion characters, and also getting this out so quickly. The fiction has been very very strong in this war, don't ever remember enjoying reading the backstory or writing in the competitions so much since... er... the Monstrosity incident...

Good job getting everyone in there! It was a great read.

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