[GJW XIV] Homefront: Epilogue


[GJW XIV] Homefront: Epilogue


Throne Room Antechamber
The Dark Ascent
Arx System
During the Collective Retreat

The turbo lift came to a gentle stop, letting off a soft ding as its doors slid open. She stepped off quickly, despite knowing it was perfectly safe to use. The Grand Master himself used this lift; it wasn’t about to be at risk of failure. Yet, even armed with that knowledge, she couldn’t help the knot that welled in her chest every time she stepped foot in one.

The sound of distant blaster fire compounded by periodic explosions had finally died out. Although, if that was due to the last of the Collective being killed or merely the distance that now separated her from the streets below, she wasn’t sure. She had left once the war turned in their favor, and the rush she had felt within the swirling dark Force energy that took hold of the Brotherhood’s forces had long since subsided. It had been surprisingly, troublingly enjoyable, not unlike a narcotic rush, and she was sure some would likely be feeling its effects for days to come, or at the very least, attempt to replicate it.

She was unsure of what exactly drew her here, but she knew at least a part: to save. To save one in particular who called to her, even though her heart hung heavy to be away; so many were left wounded in the city, yet here she was, in a room full of the dead.

The antechamber was quiet now. Evidence of the conflict that occurred here was all around her. Bodies, charred blaster marks along the walls of the room. The doors to the throne room were shut, and the emergency shields were up, barricading any entrance. This was the end of the line for her venture into the Dark Ascent. Several corpses in Collective gear littered the floor, deep gashes cut through them like a hot knife through butter.

Like a lightsaber through flesh, she thought briefly as she inspected the closest body, smelling the char from his wound.

There was another soft ding behind her.

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Hello Everyone,

Now that you’ve all had a chance to process chapter 3, and celebrate the release of the results, I am pleased to present the ending to the Homefront story. I hope you all enjoyed the war, and are looking forward to what’s to come!



Thanks for all the hard work Xen! Super excited for the storylines to come.

But is he wearing pants? That's the important question.

Love it! Great work, can't wait to see what comes next!

You won't believe what Howie does next!

Will be interesting to see how this all ends up playing out.

Interesting addition. Nicely done, to the wide and wonderful! Thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf.

Ermahgerd Rath, stop being such a Karen.

Enjoyed the story. Showed softer sides of Avitus and Rath. Shame about Gwen, was a fun character.

Rath Snow

Love Avitus. And love Evant. Welcome back to adventuring :P

Classic Howie.

Also it's super rewarding to see the Collective NPCs get some great interpersonal development. Love the ending !!

Plot twissssst

Love it.

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