[GJW XIV] Homefront Results Release - Final Results


[GJW XIV] Homefront Results Release - Final Results


Greetings all,

We are prepared to announce the final results of the Great Jedi War XIV: Homefront. In this post I’ll review the War Heroes, the Clan results, and then touch on additional forthcoming details regarding the final wrap up which will include additional spoils and fiction.

Over the past week you have seen us release participation details here and the first part of our post war fiction with member highlights here. If you haven’t yet done so, I strongly encourage checking out the amazing participation by our membership in this war and the fiction and story pulled together by the story group and Voice staff.

Again, while this news post will summarize the war’s final results, there will be additional posts coming with additional spoils of war. As well as rewards for our leaders and members.

War Heroes

Before we name our First, Second, and Third Clans, we wanted to review War Heroes, and highlight the exceptional members that propelled their Clans and earned the most points. These are members that have completed at the highest level for their Clans, and to acknowledge their contributions, we name the top three as War Heroes, who are granted permanent titles in honor of their accomplishments. In addition, as we’ve done in the past we will highlight each Clan’s champion, the member that earned the most points in the Great Jedi War for their unit!

Below are the top ten scoring members for the War:


This means that we name the follow as our War Heroes:

  • V’yr Vorsa of Clan Odan-Urr as First Hero
  • Bale Andros of Clan Taldryan as Second Hero
  • Qyreia Arronen of Clan Arcona as Third Hero

Congratulations to all three on your incredible efforts and accomplishments in the war.

In addition, we wanted to highlight each Clan’s highest scoring member, who we unofficially refer to as Clan champions. These individuals excelled across multiple events in addition to their participation and should be proud of their accomplishments.

In the coming days, the parent competition of Great Jedi War XIV: Homefront will be updated with every member’s total points earned. All competitions will be closed soon, and seals as well as appropriate Novae and Titles awarded.

Clan Results

The system used in this Great Jedi War is similar to prior wars, and bases the total points in the event off of the total participation points, with a modifier for the fact this is a skill-focused event. As such, there are three times more points available for Placement as there were for Participation. The parent competition here notes the placement value of each competition as a percentage of total available points in each phase as well as how many participation points were awarded for each bin along with bonuses. As a reminder as noted earlier in my report we removed placement points from the Codebreaker competitions in phase I and phase II due to the use of solvers, and its impact on the competitiveness in the war. The points from this competition were re-balanced to the rest of the events in the war prior to the final calculations.

Calculating all this out gave the following results per Clan:


  • Congraulations to our First Clan, Arcona!
  • Congragulations to our Second Clan, Vizsla!
  • Congratulations to our Third Clan, Odan-Urr!

In addition to the honor of victory and the title of First, Second, and Third Clan, these units will each be granted a special dossier selector item as well. To our First Clan, they will receive a custom robe/weapon, while our Second Clan will receive a custom robe, and our Third Clan will have a custom weapon. The Herald will be in touch with our Consuls with more details.

This Great Jedi War was extremely competitive, with an incredibly high number of high quality entries across all the competitions. The entire membership put forth an excellent effort and it shows in these results. When looking at these results, Arcona ultimately took the most points in Event long with some great placements in the gaming ladders, as well as most points in Phase II that led them to victory. While Vizsla, with an average of 74% participation in the war helped propel them to second place. With steady placement and great participation helped Odan-Urr secure third.

Another way to really look at the breakdown, where placements played a huge role in winning is to look at how many top 10 placements were earned by each Clan. Where the most points are given for first, and rapidly dropping off by the time you reach tenth place.


Spoils of War, the Survey, and the Fiction

Later on in the coming week, we will release additional spoils to each Clan with items and credits in a separate report. The Herald will reach out to Consuls regarding their special selector items the winning Clans will have access to. The MAA will process the medals and final site administration activities.

Although the final fiction has been released, with a tremendous number of featured members due to their participation, there remains more of the story to be told. The Voice will be finishing up a prologue fiction for release as soon as it’s ready that will continue to expand on the implications of many of the events than transpired in the war.

Also, as we usually do, we plan to release a War Survey when we can to collect thoughts from those willing and wanting to share them. Along with the survey, I plan to also release details on some things I’ve been working on as Deputy Grand Master regarding member experience since taking on the role, as well as try and align on the Grand Master’s plans for the rest of 2020 and into next year.

Evant Taelyan


Congrats Heroes and Clans and Clan Champs!!

Boom! So many granular checks!

Enjoyed competing against everyone throughout the war, excellent work, and thank you to the event runners.

Congratulations to everyone. This was a well fought war from everyone.

A well fought war by everyone! Congrats to the the Heroes and placing Clans!

Heck yeah! Congrats to everyone who placed, and all who made it into the top ten!

Well done folks, well done heroes, well done Clans.

Good work guys! :D

Wwhoooo! Well done everyone, congrats!

Congratulations to all! Amazing war efforts!

Congrats, everyone!

Some of the stats look real funky here.

I encourage future events to be transparant with how points are awarded and I also encorage the DB to gain more consistency with how points are awarded across events.

Thank you to the graders for all your hard work and congratulations to everyone who placed.

Great job everyone

@Etah Obsidyn

Evant outlined the scoring methods in detail prior to the launch of the war. As well, the bin interface and each competition outlines the percentage weighting and value awarded by participation and placement in that competition. I can only speak for myself, but I'm unclear how more transparency can be provided than that.

Etah the points and percentages for every competition were in the competition details. I’m not sure how much more transparent the DC can get...

Vyr, you stud. Great work everyone.

Well done and well fought to everyone, and many thanks to our graders and event runners. We all know the only thing more stressful than fighting a War is running and writing it.

Well done everyone. Clan's and organisers alike. :D

Nice work getting these out so fast, that must’ve been a hell of a lot of work. Thanks for all of your efforts.

Thank you for the War!

Thank you for organizing, and thank you to our fellow competitors! Until next Vendetta! ^^


Job well done!!

I had great fun in this war. Thank you for all your efforts!

Well done to all the Clans on their joint effort to make this an incredibly fun experience. Props to all the Hero's and for the continued growth by the Dark Council in organizing events of this scale for us.


Congrats, all! And good job to BIS, ARC, and COU!

Well done everyone! Time for the rest of the story!~

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