[GJW XIV] Inquisitorius Report 1


[GJW XIV] Inquisitorius Report 1


The full Chapter I fiction can be found here.

Inquisitorius Sitrep

To: All Agents
Priority: Aurek One
Immediate Action Required

The Collective has ascertained the location of the Arx System. Attack is ongoing. Planetary Shields have not yet been breached.

Several weeks ago, The Deputy Grand Master was rescued from Collective imprisonment. Following questioning from the Grand Master himself, Evant Taelyan was authorized to return to his position.

Intel gathered from Shadow Academy sources indicate the crystals the Collective have been collecting are largely tied to the ancient Ordu Aspectu. Research on our end regarding recovered crystals has been limited due to the Grand Master’s priority order to research Sith architecture, temples, and rituals.

It is assumed Collective research on this matter has led to the technological advancements in their military forces. Intelligence suggests that Nesolat Platform is their priorty target. Additional orbital targets include Mattock Station, The Godless Matron, and the primary shield gate above Eos City.


Advanced Inquisitorius Network Intel

The following information has been flagged relevant to current operations and has been declassified for your use:

  • The planet Arx is defended by planetary shields, with multiple shield gates allowing access to the planet below.
  • The Deputy Grand Master and the Headmistress have both been confirmed to be on board the Nesolat Platform in orbit above Arx.
  • Nesolat Platform has multiple sections capable of passing the closes shield gates and landing on Arx’s surface.
  • The Collective has deployed new advanced soldiers to the battlefield, an upgrade over their traditional Technocratic Soldiers.
    • These soldiers are known to be unified by a central AI system, located onboard one of the attacking Collective Ships.
  • The transfer of Prisoners from the Principate has been completed. The freed group calling themselves The Tenixir Revenants are distrustful of the Brotherhood following our very harsh restoration of order on Tenixir.
  • This pirate group has been confirmed to have taken credits from the Collective in return for various goods, specifically additional crystals like the several previous recovered from Meridian and Nancora.
  • Only the captured clan representatives from Arcona, Odan-Urr, and Vizsla have been recovered. The others are presumed dead or still in Collective custody.
  • It is assumed it was due to the captured Brotherhood personnel that the Collective was able to obtain a clear location of the Arx system for the attack.
  • The Godless Matron has been moved to the Arx system as a neutral meeting point between the Brotherhood and Revenants. As such it is a prime target for the Collective.


Critical Areas of Conflict


The Nesolat Platform is the main Shadow Academy Platform. Specifically designed to accommodate constant traffic from students and researchers doing business with the Dark Council and in support of the Clans of the Brotherhood. It is an imposing defensive structure with defense similar to that of a modern star destroyer. As a final defensive act only, the platform’s administration and observation sections will detach and navigate their way to the surface of Arx and dock with the Shadow Academy facilities there.


Mattock Station is the main shipyard and service station for Arx Capital Exchange also known as ACE. Designed with three massive berths capable of servicing the largest ships in service of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. It is an imposing structure in its own right with defensive capabilities similar to that of a modern star destroyer, with its shields projecting to the ships in service at the yards to protect them.


The Godless Matron is a Lucrehulk-class battleship serving as the base of operations for the Shroud Syndicate, the criminal organization operating in Brotherhood space. The dated ship has been fully refurbished and retrofitted with modern weapon systems and shields as well as a sizable starfighter force in its massive hangers.


The Shield Gate is a space station in orbit above Arx that emits an impenetrable deflector shield around the planet Arx, only allowing ships to pass through the opening of its wheel-like structure. It is heavily armored and shielded itself along with six squadrons that will come to its defense. It serves as a gateway to the planet’s surface, with major stations operating outside the deflector shield for ease of business while protecting the city and surface structures below.


OOC Important Notes

Phase I ends 07:59PM EST / 11:59PM UTC on June 15th, 2020

As it is wartime, my staff will be primarily focused on their own efforts/participation. I will do my best to stay on top of the character sheet queue, but during Phase I and II it may take a moment before I am able to review your sheet depending on what’s happening. I appreciate your patience in this matter.



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