[GJW XV - Ascension] Chapter 2


[GJW XV - Ascension] Chapter 2


Central Command
Palace of the Father
Muisyle System — Children of Mortis Territory
40 ABY

“They are a determined lot, aren’t they?”

The haunting, entangled voices of The Father and The Harbinger echoed through the room. It was followed by a scream from down the hall.

Harbinger’s body made several overly robotic steps toward one of the terminals. It was an imperfect connection, one The Father hoped to have rectified shortly. He tapped at the display, a little too hard, cracking the screen.

“But that resolve will only get them so far,” the weaved voices said in unison. “The conversion process seems to be lesser than we anticipated, but that is in our favor,” the voices continued. Harbinger’s body straightened up.

“It's the mundane. So out of tune with the Force, their souls reject ascension,” The Seer said, peering at the terminal from behind Harbinger.

“And in turn, they rise again to serve us. Don’t disrespect those who help us advance the unchaining, Rose,” Loremi said. The Seer twitched at the usage of her real name.

“Yet several of these systems seem overly capable against us,” the entangled voices replied. The Father used Harbinger’s body to point at the feed from the Orian System.

“Seer, why are your forces being slaughtered there?” he asked.

The Seer did a double-take and stood before the feed.

“Father, this…this does not make any sense,” she replied.

“And the Truthwardens in the Caelus System,” Loremi said, standing before a different feed.

There was another piercing scream from down the hall.

“My Lord, we will handle this. The world seeds have taken root. Release The Harbinger. You must prepare,” Loremi continued, turning towards the screaming.

The Harbinger’s head nodded. His body shivered and shuttered, and after a moment he fell still, groaning.

“What did I miss?” The Harbinger asked.

“Don’t worry, dear. The fun is just beginning,” The Seer said. She took a deep breath, connecting herself to all seven world seeds. Across seven systems, each impact crater began to crackle with electrical energy. Rocks and rubble began to float before slamming back into the ground.

The Brotherhood could fight for their homes all they wanted. They would soon be fighting over the corpses of them instead.

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  • In the Muisyle System, The Children realize their assets are not as effective as anticipated, depending on each clan’s different research efforts.
  • They also reflect on the fact that for those not Force-sensitive, the ascension process frequently stops, rendering the corpses into undead minions they can use to further sow destruction upon the clans.
  • The Father releases his control of Harbinger’s body to prepare for the birth that is to come.
  • The Children activate the “World Seeds”, the crystalline asteroids that impacted in each system. The World Seeds begin to drain life and energy from the worlds they are upon.
  • The war efforts to push back the Children continue in each of the clans’ systems, each bitterly entrenched and refusing to give ground.
    • In the Caperion System, Asal Thrak and his fellows are artillery shelled, and Lt. Danza takes a horrible blow.
    • In the Orian System, Vayd Baok comes face to face with the undead Sadowan soldiers.
    • In the Zsoldos System, Boko Limng realizes the crystalline monsters are smart, and work together.
    • In the Dajorra System, Corjav Wigcol is hunted by crystalline raptors.
    • In the Kiast System, Maille Endi tries to outrun the blight of death caused by the asteroids.
    • In the Caelus System, Ha’oyn N’gu attempts to out run the powerful ships the Children have brought.
    • In the Aliso System, Wern Fiilo and his strike team venture deep into the impact crater and discover crystalline building growing, followed by the teleportation of more enemy forces on the planet’s surface.
  • In the Arx system, the Council works quickly to consolidate the different research branches, finding a way to “purify” the Children’s crystals. They hope they can deploy it before it is too late.
  • Back in the Muisyle system, Avitus Oligard meets and tries to help the very pregnant Saira O’Setera.


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