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Greetings all,

Discord has come to the Lyra system. With the stunning false-flag attack orchestrated by the Collective, negotiations are in shambles and war seems inevitable. The Brotherhood delegation has called for aid, and the Clans have answered - but whether they come for Brotherhood or themselves is up to you to decide!




Governor's Office
Lyra Colony - Eorilia’s Moon
Lyra-3K-a System

Jar’deon Blazio stared out the floor-to-ceiling transparisteel display that overlooked the up and coming colony he had the good fortune of overseeing. All the groundwork had been laid out in the past by the Empire, so really all he had done was bring back pre-existing plans and put them into motion as his own.

The Governor was an awkwardly tall human with no truly defining features beyond slicked-back black hair, dark eyes, and a somewhat flat, pudgy face. He looked like he could have been a holoball player in his youth, but he had clearly grown comfortable to a life of luxury eating and tailored suits.

A flicker of ambitious fire flashed across the Governor's eyes. If this deal went through, he would be seen as the man who had helped gain the Principate a powerful ally that would solidify their hold on the outer rim and unknown territories. Lady Adlez would surely grant him a recommendation for an appointment to the Senate. The Triumvir of Words was getting up there in years, so it was only a matter of time, then, before she needed a worthy successor. And Governor, nay, Senator Blazio would be there to become the leader his parents had always said he could become if he had enough money and took advantage of everyone else's opportunities and made them his own.

Jar’deon rubbed his meaty fingers together in anticipation. All that was left was to meet with this Damon Nix fellow from the Brotherhood’s Iron Forces. While the man's dossier photo sent a chill down the Governor's spine, he was comforted by the security personnel at his disposal. Especially his Chief of Security.

Amara Cirrus—head security for Lyra Colony—idly tapped buttons on her datapad as she leaned back against a nearby wall. She seemed bored, but Jar’deon knew that she was alert and ready to spring into action at the drop of a dime.

As if on cue, an alarm siren from the city below began blaring.

Outside the display port, the Governor watched as a communications tower burst into brilliant flame, collapsing from its weakened foundation and toppling into a set of commercial buildings underneath its shadow. From the sky, TIE Fighters howled as they peppered the colony’s defenses with their chin-mounted laser cannons.

“Tower. Who’s ships are those!?” the Governor demanded over the office’s communications system.

“We’re not sure, sir, but what are your orders—”

“—Don’t just sit there, fire back! Issue out a system-wide alert, we’re under attack by someone—”

“—For the Brotherhood!” a voice cried out over the comms as the sound of laser fire and detonating shrapnel flooded the communications channel.

“Sir...we’re running their signal codes through our databanks and it’s coming back with Iron Navy signature stamps!”

Blazio felt the color drain from his already pale face as his pulse quickened.

Oh no.


Just as the Brotherhood begins a historic diplomatic meeting with the Severian Principate, the Collective has made a hard move to sow discord and disrupt the potential alliance. Under the disguise of Iron Forces ships and pilots, they have launched multiple false-flag attacks on key locations in the Lyra-3K-a system. In a desperate attempt to prevent the deal from falling through, Deputy Grand Master Evant Taelyan has, through one of the Clan’s clever representatives, sent out an encrypted, coded message across the Advanced Inquisitorius Network (AIN) calling on all Brotherhood personal to lend aid. The fate of this potential alliance now hangs in the hands of the Seven Clans of the Brotherhood.

So begins Great Jedi War XIII - Discord

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Event Information

GJWXIII: Discord is a Vendetta event that runs from 7/20/2019 to 8/26/2019, and Phase I has just begun. This event uses the Bin format for participation credit. As a reminder, only the first competition in any Bin counts for participation credit - but novae, placement points, and seals are up for grabs in all competitions!

Theaters and Theater Combatants

Theaters are key locations where the most intense fighting in the Lyra system is occurring. The three Theaters are the Lyra Colony and associated ruins, the Moon of Thillon and particularly the mining facility therein, and the Thuvis Shipyards. More detailed information on Theaters is available in fiction updates and in the prompt for the Event Long run-on competition.

In addition to usage in the run-on, we have started a voluntary program called Theater Combatants. As described previously, members may volunteer one of their characters to be present at a specific Theater for the use of other writers. This is not binding on the volunteer (that is, they can write the character anywhere), and they are not bound by what is done to the character by other authors. However, writers are free to use any Theater Combatants in any encounter within a Theater they write.

Competition Questions and Errors

Sometimes you might have a question about the wording or meaning of a competition. Sometimes there are typographical errors that happen in competition organization. If you see an error in any of the Great Jedi War competitions, we really do want to know about it. If you have a question? We really want to answer it.

The best way to get your question answered is to email the competition organizers, Mav, and Evant. They’ll be able to clarify the meaning, and if need be, have the error fixed. Please be sure to send all questions by email so that we can track them effectively.

good report

So this is war.

Love how it has all been put together so far, the fiction has been intriguing!

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