[GM] Update: Social Media Tribune Application Extension


[GM] Update: Social Media Tribune Application Extension

Greetings all,

A quick update before a larger report this weekend, when we will announce the new Herald and I will touch on other important topics to the Brotherhood.

Extension on Applications for Social Media Tribune

We will be extending applications for Social Media Tribune through to the end of next weekend, as there was a little bit of confusion regarding the position and its requirements. As such, applications will be due on 3/25. To briefly recap, the Social Media Tribune will propose and implement a strategy to increase traffic to the Brotherhood website through the use of social media, etc. This new position is distinct from Recruitment Tribune. I provide greater details in the original posting here, along with details for applying. Social Media Tribune is a position we expect will take up a substantial portion of a member's time, but we expect that members may serve in House or Clan leadership while remaining as Social Media Tribune, as the member will have a support staff as Social Media Tribune. Moreover, as a Tribune, the member will be an observer on the Dark Summit group and expected to provide regular input on topics related to social media and Brotherhood exposure. This position is an excellent opportunity for a member to make a mark on the club as a whole, as social media presence has been an area we have lacked for a considerable amount of time.

Please note that this position will be involved with, but will not be solely responsible for, recruitment. It is primarily tasked with Social Media exposure. Due to the importance of attracting new members to the club, we will be taking a different approach that you will all learn a bit more about soon regarding active recruitment.

That's it for now - look for a larger report on Sunday.

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master of the Brotherhood

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