Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 2


Herald Style Hanukkah: Day 2


The Herald office had their orders, directly from the mouth of one of the Brotherhood's greatest Heralds - and Socorra intended to carry out this duty. Such being the case, she summoned her greatest asset - one of her Praetors, seconded to the Grand Master for reasons beyond her knowledge. Mirus Hi'ija, for being a tribal warrior, was very quickly becoming a very good member of her team.

"Mirus, are you busy?" Socorra asked over her comlink.

"On my way." The line suddenly went dead, as if he knew already that he was being summoned. True to form, there he was only minutes later, arriving in her office in the Dark Hall. Obviously, he had already been here. How often was he here now? He seemed to live here on Antei, obeying the will of the Herald and the Grand Master while protecting the Fist, serving the Dark Council in multiple roles. From his office, he watched the Brotherhood move - through the eyes of God, sometimes, it seemed.

The Titan stood at an easy parade rest, clad in the black armour crafted by the Lion himself. His bulky frame served as a total opposite to her own - while they stood at similar heights, she was lithe and slight, while he was stocky and bulky. Their eyes were two very different shades of blue - her pale eyes contrasted with the powerful blue glow of his Alchemy-enchanted ones.

"Your master has orders for you, Mirus," she said easily, indicating that he take a seat in front of her desk. He did so without another sound, not once breaking gaze with her. "He has targets for me and items for you."

"Splitting the work as usual, I take it?" Mirus asked, staring at the datapad on her desk. She passed it over to him to read, fortunately already on the page that he was to inspect. This was the interesting dichotomy of the Herald's office - there were, in general, three aspects to the work that was carried out. The first and second were handled by Socorra. First, the logistics - managing deals and supply lines from outside and inside the Brotherhood, ensuring things went where they were supposed to at prices beneficial to the Throne. Secondly, the idea of being the external representative of the Dark Council and the Brotherhood came with the Galactic wanderings - and that made her the perfect eyes and ears, and occasionally mailed fist for the opportune target when in place, for the Grand Master.

The third aspect - the crafting and design of lightsabers, weaponry, armour and special accessories that the Brotherhood employed - while still in her domain, was mostly handled by her assistants. The work was time-consuming and required the Herald's full attention. At a times like these, when the Brotherhood was under assault, time was precious. Mirus excelled at dealing with the Dark Side Clans and Houses, and V'yr and A'lora for Odan-Urr - after all, it was evident to everyone that the Neti was a spy within the Herald staff, using Socorra as a crutch to garner information on the movements of the Darkness. Her Magistrates assisted with the other tasks as necessary.

Mirus consulted the task list, looked it over once, then nodded. "I can handle this. Arms and armour - robes, lightsabers. Prepare the Jedi for war."

Socorra gave him a roguish grin. "I figured you'd like it. Any questions?"

"None. I'll consult with some of the Consuls, as well as the Magistrates. I think this may be a good time to speak with V'yr, too. If you'll excuse me."

Mirus rose from his seat, nodded his head, and left the room as quickly as he'd arrived with barely a swish of his cloak. Damn him and his indifference. Damn him and his ability to take on the monumental task before him without caring that there was a knife pressed to their necks as the price of failure.

She leaned back in her seat, lit up a cigarra from her personal stash, and looked at the target list. She'd be leaving Antei soon enough - there was a shuttle waiting to take her out to Kuat first, where she'd 'negotiate' more with Kuat Drive Yards for the construction of capital ships. Likely a blaster bolt between somebody's ears would be required to ensure a smooth transition and a beneficial deal for them. She would entrust the creation of the panoply of war to Mirus, V'yr and their team.

In the meantime, she had a blaster to clean and a ship to catch. These people weren't going to kill themselves.

HSH: Day 2

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Groots, the Herald staff is pleased to bring you Day 2 of Herald Style Hanukkah! It is tradition for the Herald staff to create and give out goodies during this time and I am excited to pick up the torch this year. This year everyone on staff has contributed. Special thanks to Rhiann for the rolling and news banners and Mirus for the HSH fiction that will run the length of the event.

Both extremely awesome items today were created by Mirus, inspired by Setele Shan's own sabers from SWTOR for ranks DJK and EQ3.

Lineage for DJK+

Lineage Lightsaber

Lineage II for EQ3+

Lineage II Lightsaber

These are not fully uploaded to the selector at the moment, but you can obtain them when ready by going to your lightsaber/robes construction tools. Enjoy!

‐ HRLD Socorra

Good lookin' work!

Those look awesome! Thanks, guys!

actually cool looking. especially the saberstaff

More great stuff! Thanks Socks!

HSH is awesome

We <3 you Herald Staff! Great work!

These sabers are now available for their respective ranks in the selector.

Very nice!

Those are sick! Makes me almost regret having a custom saber sometimes.


I love this!

I am groot

Noticed on new sabers, no red crystal blades available

What do you mean, Brimstone? I'm looking at Lineage Sith Red right now.

As far as I can see, they are all up. Brim, clear your cache. I also noticed sometimes sabers don't show until I hit F5.

Ok cool. Just wasn't showing on my screen

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