Herald Update: New Rubric, Tournament, Bye-bye old skins


Herald Update: New Rubric, Tournament, Bye-bye old skins

Hello Space Cowboys!

There are a few updates the Herald Staff would like to share with you, so let's get right into it.

DB Graphics Rubric v.2.0

During the past several weeks the Herald staff has worked on expanding the current official Graphics rubric and handling some issues we've had with it.

Competition runners have had issues with ties in the top three way too often for us to ignore the issue, so we've included another grading rank and spread out the descriptions further, giving comp runners more options to choose from.

Of course the system itself is never perfect, but I do urge everyone to read the rubric in detail before using it. Assign grading according to your own conscience and try to remain fair.

As always any issues can be brought up directly to me, C’ree, or the Staff mail.

You can find the new rubric here: DB Graphics Rubric v.2.0

Quick edit: the Herald Competition Approval Guidelines have been updated with the new rubric. All currently running competitions may run through with the old rubric without issue. This new rubric will be applicable to new competitions.

Note: we've included two different grading templates, one for single entries and another for groups. You are free to use them any way you wish.

Herald Tournament: Shroud War

Link to the comp: [Herald Tournament]Shroud War

First of all, we'll be updating the grading criteria of the Tournament to the afforementioned DB Graphics Rubric 2.0.

This is important as we feel that it will give us more breathing room and fewer ties overall.

Secondly, we have 46 subscribers!

That is an excellent number and we're really happy there is so much interest. Remember, it doesn't matter how much skill you have, every round you pass gives you participation and Clusters, helps you and your Clan, and is there for you to enjoy.

If you still haven't joined do so now. The competition proper starts on the 18th of March and will run, one round per week, until it is finished.

Fiction will be included as will features for many participants should they want to.

Obsolete Robes and Weapons removal

Now for some news from the nitty-gritty part of our job.

I've decided a while ago to remove a lot of the unused and very old skins from our selector. Reasons and conditions were thus:

  • image quality was very poor (mostly very old jpegs)
  • designs and methods used for creation of these skins were outdated
  • skins we're not being used by active members

We have removed 43 robe skins and 35 weapons (lightsabers mostly). Don't panic, though. As I said, none of the actively used skins were removed. All your dossiers are intact and there is still 787 weapons and 374 robes to choose from. :)

That's all for today. Enjoy.


Woot! Can't wait for this tournament to get on its way! Two more days!!!

Glad you got some housekeeping done! Great report, I'll check out that comp!

Tournament hype, refined rubric and working to raise the bar for quality over quantity for our weapons and robes. Nice report. Always glad to see what comes out of the Herald's office and good luck to everybody else who is entering the tournament. I look forward to seeing you all there. ^^

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