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House Imperium Announcements

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As you may have come to notice already, there has been some shuffling of positions over the past couple days. In summary;

  • Xen’Mordin Palpatine has retired from Consul, taking some time for a well-deserved rest
  • Elincia Rei has been selected as the new Consul of Scholae Palatinae, and is already diving in to the position's intense work
  • Braecen Kaeth, recent Quaestor of Excidium, has been chosen as Proconsul of Scholae Palatiane
  • Alara Deathbane was made Quaestor of Excidium in Braecen’s place, thus opening the Aedile Position in House Excidium
  • Qor resigned and transferred to Odan-Urr in pursuit of developing a new character and taking a break, we wish him well
  • I have been selected to take the helm of House Imperium as Quaestor

That is an awful lot of change. I think anyone who sees all these changes could fairly easily come to the conclusion that there is a great amount of instability in the clan at the moment. Match this with the rotations in Imperium leadership we have had in recent months, I acknowledge it doesn't look good.

I want to stress though that this recent shuffling of positions is to combat that. We have a great mixture of experienced leadership and strong new blood merged together, structured in such a way to build a strong new foundation, inspire the changes that we need to see, and bounce back from the recent turmoil. I'm excited about these new changes, despite how troubling this may be viewed on initial passing. We are going to build something beautiful here, and I hope I can count on each of you for your assistance in that.

Aedile Applications Open

This leads me into my next announcement.

I''m going to host a short extended call for Aedile applications. With the recent shuffle in leadership positions, I think it is only fair, since we switched out the Quaestor position, that individuals be allowed to edit applications or provide new ones to me. I will be considering previous applications submitted, however if you wish to edit it and resubmit you are more than welcome.

Application deadlines will be extended to this Friday, August 25th. After which I will be reviewing and making a selection with the clan summit by day's end on Sunday.

Please submit applications to myself, Eli, Braecen, and Mune for consideration.


As you guys can see from the changes above, we have quite a bit to work on and hammer out. However, I hope to not be doing this alone. Over the next two weeks, I will be sending out a series of House updates. These will address each of the priorities as we progress forward and develop our new team focus. For now, I will be making my application available to the Imperium group shortly, I highly encourage you to check out my application so you have a good understanding of where we are going with the team. Should you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding the material above, please contact me directly at [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

Raiju Kang

so much change for CSP. We got this!

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