Last Call For Tarentum: We Love You


Last Call For Tarentum: We Love You


Ladies and gentlemen of Clan Tarentum, and the Brotherhood:

It is with a sense of sorrow, but also a certain love that I write this, what will be both my final report as Consul of Tarentum, and that will also serve as notice of Tarentum’s closure. There were a lot of you who made valiant efforts to try and hold back this decision, and show this Club that Tarentum was proud. Fierce. Dedicated. Yet, ultimately, there was another message being emphasized that the Clan was sick. In pain. And more a memory of past glory.

There will be those who fight this. The closure of a Clan is painful. It is deep, intense and will rend friendships. Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't believe that, I will tell you, I have lost more friends than I can count. The Split was world altering for an online group of Star Wars fanatics. It nearly killed Tarentum. It was a monumental task, trying to rebuild the Clan. It was an effort if love and friendship, but I can tell you, there were times I nearly gave up. Yet, throughout the entire process, I knew that it was worth it to work for the future of the Club -- the entire Club, and not merely one Clan -- and I continued on. I reference that because, in this case, the work and decision was the same.

Last May, I took over as Consul of Tarentum. I knew that the Clan was active in some regards, but there were a lot of problems. As I began to try and formulate a plan and get everyone on the same page, I was also asking previous members why they had left. Or other members why they stayed away. Or what members might need to see if they were to ultimately join Tarentum. I won’t bother with the exact answers, but I will say this. Members of this Club do not want to be bullied. We join this Club for fun and entertainment. We join this Club as an escape from the headaches of real life, the pressures of work, and we want friendships. Not abuse. There were people who felt abused in Tarentum, and some who still saw abuse.

I love Tarentum. I truly do. It has been a great Clan. I started out in House Satal Keto in 1997. I didn’t stay long. I felt like it was a weird place, the members weren’t very open to new people, didn’t seem to care that I was there, and ultimately, I didn’t feel the need to stay. I returned to the Brotherhood in 2000, and I was assigned to Tarentum because of the name “House Gladius” that was the Krath House, which was one of the assignment choices I had. It didn’t disappoint me. And now, it’s another memory that I will cherish, and I hope that members of now-closing Tarentum will share with others. Memories will still be shared. We will still be friends. We will still keep the Tarentum channel open as an avenue for friendship and support. Communication and leisure. But the time for Clan Tarentum is over. The Brotherhood roster will be updated, and those of you will be offered the choice to join a new Clan, or simply stay for the memories and the loving family that some of us want to live on.

I want you to know. Neither Sarin (Pravus), nor Mav were in any way “out to get us,” and in many ways, they were perhaps the ones truly on your side. Three years ago, the Clan faced closure then. The Dark Council of the time recommended that Tarentum be closed back then. Sarin, coming into another term as Grand Master, went against the recommend and kept us open. He was trying to help us salvage our history, our family, our Clan. He was hoping for the same this time. Literally weeks ago, during the Great Jedi War, he and I were discussing post-GJW fiction plans, and how to involve Tarentum as a deeper Dark Council ally, and how it might affect the end-GJW fiction. What might happen with me, as an ally of the Iron Throne, and more. Many of you never know the pressures of being on the Dark Council, let alone the Grand Master. And, while some may believe he has asked me to write this. Or has promised me something if “I go quietly.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. The truth is, Sarin didn’t expect the closure of Tarentum. He didn’t want the closure of Tarentum. I don’t know if he saw it, but I did.

I saw it in the First Phase results of GJW XII. I saw it in the total results of the War. If I failed you as Consul, you all have my deepest apologies. I have so many regrets of the last few months, and even the last few years. There are a great many things I could’ve done, that might have changed what we are doing today. The past will always be filled with regrets. I choose now to focus on the future. There are a great many members who are still here, and it is up to us to choose where we go from here. This Club will continue, and we will continue to foster an atmosphere of friendship. An atmosphere of acceptance. A feeling of camaraderie. And, hopefully, one of forgiveness. There are a lot of hurt feelings right now. Some may not have even finished reading this message. And yet, I hope that in time, there are more people who will read this once, maybe a few times, and will know that I love this Club. I love each of you. And in time, if you choose to return, I will welcome you back with a smile.

Each report that I wrote, I did it with fondness. Every message I read, or every time I spent time on IRC or Telegram, I did it with happiness, or mirth. I have friends in potentially every Clan. I hope to continue to have those friends. There are members of Tarentum who are now looking for a new home, and I know the other six Clans will welcome us. I have chosen to take my things and head for Aliso, and find a place within Clan Plagueis. I certainly hope they’ll have me.

And so, I would like to leave you all with a quote. I believe it’s fitting. “You are part of the Rebel Alliance, and a traitor. Take her away!”

Just kidding. The real quote is, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Gandhi was certainly inspired at times. And i hope you will all follow suit, and look for inspiration, and then pass it on to others. I know that the road ahead will be painful. But I love you guys. Sincerely, I love you all.

Take some time, and then I hope you all have a great weekend, Tarentum.



Beef, Tarentum. You guys are great.

/me raises glass

Cheers to you, Tar. Know that no matter how hard this is, we've all got your backs. Your family isn't limited to the clan name above your heads; it's what you make of it with your brethren.

Holds up a drink for everyone in Tarentum Cheers guys. Its always been fun doing events with you guys.

I'll raise a glass to Tarentum.

Beef, I can't remember seeing more heartfelt words in the entire time I have been a member of the Brotherhood. I've never been a member of Tarentum, but I cherish the friendships I still have with those that were and am glad to count you among them. No matter where you all end up, we've got your backs.

There isn't much I can say without letting emotions get the best of me, and nothing I can say to lessen the impact of this. All I can really say is I offer my sincere apologies to all of Tarentum, the Tarentae, and the Tarenti; and if I can be a support at this time please let me know. My only regret is that I wasn't listed as Tarenti on its final day. Best wishes all.

When I joined the DB many moons ago, I was placed in House Tridens of Clan Tarentum. I left Tarentum years ago, but the clan and it's members have always been important to me. I'm saddened by this announcement, but I also know that Tarentum's members will find great new homes in the other clans.

Sorry to hear about the closure, Hey though you did a amazing job as CON and did everything you could, so cheer up before we make hamburgers out of yah!

Ah, man...those days in Gladius were great. We had some epic runons then. And that's what I'm going to miss...the memories, and the chance to create more with my fellow Tarenti.

The Momentum may have been stopped, but that doesn't mean we don't take that spirit to our new homes. This may be the end of Tarentum as an entity, but not the spirit of this great Clan. That will live on, through her many members as well spread throughout the rest of the Brotherhood.

Long Live Tarentum!

House Shar Dahkan stands ready to welcome up with open arms, my brother.

Tarentum was my first clan in the EHDB, so I always had a place in my heart for it here. Sad to see it go.

Sad to see the Clan and a good leader being shut down. Hopefully the DJB will find good use for the many talented people in this Clan who are now forced to find new homes.

this sucks to see happen and i am sure the rest of COU agrees. You are welcome in Odan Urr. Just cuz we are a lightside clan doesn't mean you cant be a darksider.

We love you too, Bloodfyre! It has been an honor to be a Tarenti!

Christ, this is depressing news. Since I've been in the DJB since 2006 Tarentum has been a legitimate Clan. They've hit hard and well. I honestly can't believe this is happening...

This sucks. However so, I LOVE you Sith and all of the Tarentum family. I will always stand by your side when you call.

Sith, you are my Master, and my friend. Thank you for every kindness, for believing in me, for believing in us all. TAR has always been home. May we all prevail in these strange, displacing times.

Long live Tarentum.

Guys. This is big. And who knows if we can all agree on whether or not it's for the best. But I want to say my piece.

I was Consul of Tarentum at one point and one of the Tarentae. I spent the first four and a half years of my Brotherhood time in Tarentum. And while I certainly can't be considered one of its veterans, I put a lot of energy, heart, and soul into the clan. I made some of my closest friends there, completed some of my best writing there, and participated in what I believe to be some of the best storytelling I've had the chance to be included in.

Tarentum was not perfect - no clan is. People always have different ideas of what they want versus what's best for everyone. I may not have done everything right as a leader, but I hope that I contributed to Tarentum's legacy. It's hard to see it go.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Tarentum something special. In terms of lore, I'm curious as to how this change will be treated fictionally - I hope it's appropriately sentimental and beautiful. There was so much work put into Tarentum's background - including its system (Yridia) - that I hope doesn't just disappear.

Much love to my fellow Tarenti, past and present.

Sad to see Tarentum close. It was the Clan I joined back in the time of the EHDB, it always held a special place.

raises glass Cheers

What an unfortunate shame. Tarentum has been with the club for so long. Good luck folks, thank you for your work.

The closure of my first clan i was in is sad. Many memories, good and bad, helped me develop my character. It is a sad day.

Plagueis is more than happy to accept our fellow brethren into our fold.

It's a very sad moment to see a long-standing Clan with rich history to be closed. I remember that when House Revan got closed, I was more like, "Meh, ok." Now, the news about closing Tarentum made me truly sad. Good luck to you all and I hope that Tarentum will rise again from the dead (not like the zombie that you had been able to create in the past, but like a Phoenix from its ashes - even stronger more beautiful than before).

Beef, thank you and Tarentum for giving me a home and a second chance.


Has been a pleasure and an honor, Beef and Etah and others I worked with here in TAR. Glad to have been a part of this clan, if even for a short time!

Tarentum was my first home, and it will always hold a place in my heart. The best of Tarentum will always stay alive no matter where you go.

Goodbye, Tarentum.

I hold many fond memories of my time in Tarentum, foremost among them the invitation Beef sent me upon my "dissociation" with the EH DB. I had no ties to any Clan at that time; my only other home (CSK) was merged into Plagueis earlier and that was nothing like CSK. Many members hated me, and a couple Clans made it obvious I was not welcome. Only one opened their doors: Tarentum. I didnt know Sith about Beef (:D) before he invited me in. I hope I worked hard enough during my time to repay his faith in me. A little kindness goes a long way even among Dark Jedi.

Good luck everyone.

TT! It's good to see you pop up your head, pally.

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