Light Side CORE Updates


Light Side CORE Updates

I'm pleased to announce that the first batch of audited courses, the Light Side COREs, have been published to the website! The course notes and exams have been revised and rewritten and, hopefully, are more accurate and easier to understand than before. You can find the audited courses in the Department of CORE Studies. The Dark Side COREs and DB Basics are being fully rewritten, which will take a bit longer.

Huge thanks to my crack team of editors: Meleu, Ood, Farrin, Jonuss Rai, and Turel Sorenn (new PROF!) for their time and effort. As always, let me and Ood know if you spot any errors or inconsistencies, which are bound to make it through the editing process.

Also, as I've mentioned before, we'll be seeking more volunteers, particularly subject matter experts, as the audit progresses beyond the CORE Department.

It's an exciting time to be working for the Shadow Academy. Lots of awesome stuff coming down the pipe!

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