Dark Brotherhood Fundamentals

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The courses within this department focus on the common knowledge necessary to enjoy the Dark Brotherhood to the fullest, and are therefore recommended for all new (and old!) members.

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Advancement Survey

This survey is designed to help us get feedback from members of the Brotherhood on the earliest phases of their career in the Dark Brotherhood. The results from this survey shall be used to help us ensure that the Brotherhood is aware of the thoughts and concerns of the newest members.

Note that this survey is regarded as a "course", meaning that it will be counted towards your Journeyman Hall course requirements for promotion.

Dark Brotherhood Basics

If you're new here or you just need a little help finding information, navigating the website or deciphering all the acronyms, you'll want to start here. This "basics" course is meant to help you find answers to those questions and more - or at least point you in the direction of other articles and people who have those answers. It's also a great overview of the kinds of activities the club offers for gamers, writers and artists alike.


Essentials 101: History

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood (DJB) is one of the oldest online Star Wars clubs still in existence. As the Brotherhood maintains an active and vibrant organization, our history is not static, but continues to be written every day. This course is meant merely as an introduction to its origins and a broad sweep of its history. A complete chronicling is available in courses within our Department of Lore.

basics and structure and organization

Essentials 102: Societies

The Brotherhood is host to several departments or societies that grew into niches of the club. Writers will find a place to advance within the ranks of the Inquisitorius, as well as a chance to prove the pen is mightier than the sword in the Antei Combat Center. Gamers can find community and healthy competition in the Grand Master’s Royal Guard. Artists will find their skills catapulting them into the ranks of the black-market Shroud Syndicate, and aficionados of Star Wars lore can test their knowledge in the Shadow Academy Society.

Prerequisites: Essentials 101: History

basics and structure and organization

Essentials 103: Paths & Orders

What Path will your character walk? Before you decide, learn what it means to adhere to a Path in the Brotherhood and how it may lead you to or exclude you from any one of the Brotherhood's five orders. Will you wield the Force and join the Order of the Sith, Force Disciples or Jedi? Or will you take up arms as a Loyalist or Mercenary? The choice is yours.

Prerequisites: Essentials 102: Societies

basics, orders, and structure and organization

Essentials 104: Ranks

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood is structured into tiers of ranks which reflect your activity and contribution to the club. As you progress through the ranks, you’ll find you have access to increased skills, Force powers, special feats, custom graphics and more. You’ll also find opportunity to step into leadership roles. This course will walk you through each tier and point you toward some guidelines for promotion.

Prerequisites: Essentials 103: Paths & Orders

basics and structure and organization

Essentials 105: Organization

In this lecture, we will consider leadership and the intricate organizational system that makes this club function at peak efficiency. We will consider leadership on all levels, ranging from the superstructure to the lowest subcategory.

Prerequisites: Essentials 104: Ranks

basics and structure and organization

Essentials 106: Medals

Medals and awards are the basic method by which the Brotherhood recognizes its members’ work. There is a medal for virtually every form of activity, rewarding everything from participation in Unit projects, gaming participation, to a lifetime of excellent service to the club.

Prerequisites: Essentials 105: Organization

basics and structure and organization

Comms 101: Discourse Forum

Learn to use and navigate the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Discussion Forum (Message Board), where members write personal and cooperative fiction, participate in run-ons, ask questions and share ideas. Inside, you will find a detailed guide on using this Discourse-based asset.

basics and communication

Comms 102: Telegram

Telegram is one of the primary communication platforms for the Dark Brotherhood and one of the quickest ways to get to know other members of the Brotherhood and your own units. Take advantage of this course to learn what it is, how it works and how to get setup in minutes on your browser, desktop or mobile device.

basics and communication

Comms 103: DJBWiki (An Introduction)

The Dark Brotherhood Wiki is the single greatest resource the Brotherhood has to offer for both in-character and out-of-character information. With just a few tips, anyone can easily use the Wiki to learn or add information pertaining to every facet of the Brotherhood - from personal characters to event and worldbuilding pages.

The purpose of this course is to help familiarize you with the how to access information on the Wiki and start creating your own content.

Prerequisites: Comms 102: Telegram

basics, coding, and communication

A Primer on Member Conduct

This course is designed to teach new members the basic expectations of member conduct within the Brotherhood. The ultimate goal is to give new members clear guidance on what conduct to avoid and to keep them on the right path to enjoy themselves and prosper in this club.

Docent: Master Dacien Victae

db rules and basics

Gaming 101: Setting up & Finding Matches

This course provides basic knowledge on how to find opponents (or teammates!) and set up multiplayer matches on various gaming platforms when playing within the Brotherhood.

Docent: Seer Justinios Taldrya Drake

basics and gaming

Gaming 102: Fist-o-matic

This course covers the use of the Telegram-based FIST-O-Matic gaming matchmaking bot, including account authentication, gaming queues and reporting results. It is highly recommended that you first complete Comms 2: Telegram, as an understanding of Telegram is required.

Prerequisites: Gaming 101: Setting up & Finding Matches

Docent: Seer Justinios Taldrya Drake

basics and gaming in the db

Gaming 103: Submitting Gaming Activity

This course is a step-by-step guide on how to report your DJB gaming activities in order to receive Clusters of Fire and Clusters of Earth.

Prerequisites: Gaming 102: Fist-o-matic

Docent: Seer Justinios Taldrya Drake

basics and gaming in the db

Graphics in the Brotherhood

Graphics play an important role in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Learn about a few basic graphics-editing programs, free graphics-hosting services, and some of the ways to obtain Brotherhood-specific graphics like robes and lightsabers.

Docent: Adept Selika Roh

graphics and basics

Competitions: Vendettas

Vendettas are large-scale events that feature multiple competitions of varying types to test the skill and mettle of the Brotherhood's units. If you've never participated in a vendetta before or you'd like to brush up on what you can expect, this course is here to walk you through everything you need to know to get started!

Mercenary Order Core

Mercenaries are a varied bunch, with an even more varied philosophy. Some will fight for credits, others will work for honor or glory. This course will explore what it is to be a mercenary, as well as notable figures from in- and outside the Brotherhood.

history, orders, and basics

Loyalist Order Core

Learn about those who make up the Brotherhood's armed forces, the Loyalists. In this course, you'll learn about notable Loyalists, both inside and outside the Brotherhood, as well as what makes a Loyalist tick.

history, orders, and basics

Jedi Order Core

This course provides a basic, fundamental knowledge of the Jedi Order from its inception to its current form.

history, orders, and basics

Gray Jedi Order Core

This course provides a basic, fundamental knowledge of the Gray Jedi Order from its inception to its current form.

history, orders, and basics

Sith Order Core

Learn the fundamental history and philosophy of the Sith Order and the role these powerful Force wielders play in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

history, orders, and basics

Societies: GMRG

This course describes the history and basics of the functioning of the Grand Master’s Royal Guard, a gaming-centric society where members compete to earn glory, ranks (and the rewards that come with them!) and the distinction of protecting members of the Dark Council. To join this society and have your gaming count toward these rewards, all you have to do is pass this course. To excel, you’ll have to test your skills against the Brotherhood’s best.

Docent: Seer Justinios Taldrya Drake

dbbasics, dbgaming, societies, and gaming in the db

Societies: Inquisitorius

This course provides the basic information for entry into the Inquisitorius, the fiction and writing society of the Dark Brotherhood.

Docent: Eminent Idris Adenn

grammarandmisc, societies, dbbasics, and writing

Societies: Shadow Academy Society

Explore the history, operations, leadership, and ranks of the Shadow Academy Society!

societies and basics

Societies: Shroud Syndicate

This course provides the basic information for entry into the Shroud Syndicate, the graphics Society of the Dark Brotherhood.

Docent: Adept Selika Roh

dbbasics and art

Character Sheets 101: Introduction

Ready to start building your character? Start here to learn how character sheets are created and where to find the information you need to make the right choices for your character - from species and physical descriptions to disciplines, skills, Force powers, combat styles and more.

voice, character sheets, and acc

Character Sheets 102: Possessions & Loadouts

Once you've worked through creating your character sheet, the next step is to create a character loadout through the possessions system so that you may compete in the various competitions that require them. This course will aim to walk you through that process, exploring both how to earn credits and purchase possessions and how to create various loadouts using those items.