Dark Brotherhood Fundamentals

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The courses within this department focus on the fundamentals necessary to understand how the Brotherhood works, how to connect and engage with its members and how to participate in its basic activities and competitions. If you're a new member, you'll definitely want to start here!

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Essentials 101: Welcome to the Brotherhood

Welcome to the Brotherhood! This course is your introduction to the various things we do in this club and where you fit in. It’s designed to help you figure out what parts of the club experience you’re interested in and how to get started with them.

Course written by Alethia Archenksova on 30 January 2023.

Essentials 102: Progression

This course covers all of the features you can unlock for yourself or your character during your time in the Brotherhood. Your participation in club activities and especially service to your fellow members will all contribute to new features and opportunities.

Course written by Alethia Archenksova and Zuza Lottson on 30 January 2023.

Essentials 103: The Brotherhood’s Galaxy

This course introduces the in-character world of the Brotherhood, a unique take on the Star Wars setting that evolves through events, fiction, and roleplaying. The course introduces the Brotherhood itself and its seven clans as well as the various powerful factions that serve as our friends and foes.

Course written by Alethia Archenksova and the Brotherhood's Consuls on 30 January 2023.

Essentials 104: Structure of the Club

This explains all of the out-of-character positions and structures that allow the club to function. It covers who is in charge of what, and who you should reach out to if you need help with something.

Course written by Alethia Archenksova on 30 January 2023.

Essentials 105: Member Conduct

This course is designed to teach new members the basic expectations of member conduct within the Brotherhood. The ultimate goal is to give new members clear guidance on what conduct to avoid and to keep them on the right path to enjoy themselves and prosper in this club.

Course last updated by Kamjin "Maverick" Lap'lamiz on 30 January 2023.

Comms 101: Website Navigation

This course focuses on familiarizing you with the information and resources available to you on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood website. Knowing all the available tools the website provides is very important, as it facilitates access to information and areas of the website you can use to connect with your unit members, participate in competitions, build and outfit your character, update your account and more.

Course written by Aru Law and last updated by Zuza Lottson on 10 December 2022.

Comms 102: Discord

Discord is the official platform for social engagement in the DJB and the best way to get connected to other members. This course will walk you through how we use it to get you connected to the various communities and activities in the club, and it will also cover some basic features of Discord for those who are unfamiliar withthe platform.

Course written by Aru Law and last updated by Zuza Lottson on 10 December 2022.

Comms 103: DJBWiki (An Introduction)

The Dark Brotherhood Wiki is the single greatest resource the Brotherhood has to offer for both in-character and out-of-character information. With just a few tips, anyone can easily use the Wiki to learn or add information pertaining to every facet of the Brotherhood - from personal characters to event and worldbuilding pages.

The purpose of this course is to help familiarize you with the how to access information on the Wiki and start creating your own content.

Course last updated by Zuza Lottson on 11 December 2022.

basics, coding, and communication

Activities 101: Fiction

Enjoy writing and storytelling? You’ll find plenty of opportunities in the fiction competitions hosted by various members and units of the Brotherhood. Fiction competitions can include short stories, poetry, and collaborative fiction like run-ons and even competitive combat writing. Start here to learn how these types of competitions work and how you can start participating today.

Course last updated by Zuza Lottson on 21 November 2022.

Activities 102: Gaming

Whether you’re an avid gamer or just getting started, you’ll find a welcoming gaming community in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. This course will walk you through all you need to know to get connected with that community and start competing – both in gaming competitions and more casual matches on our supported platforms. Learn how to get started, how to compete, how to submit your scores and – of course – discover the awards that await you!

Course last updated by Rajhin Cindertail on 21 November 2022.

Activities 103: Graphics

The Dark Jedi Brotherhood has attracted a growing, supportive community of artists who drive one of our primary member activities and competition types – graphics and multimedia. If you love creating art or you're curious to learn more, start here to learn how to find and participate in a variety of art competitions to test your skills and spark inspiration!

Course last updated by Alethia Archenksova on 21 November 2022.

Activities 104: Roleplaying

Roleplaying allows you to step into your character's shoes and experience adventures in the Star Wars universe alongside ofther members. This course will walk you through how roleplaying works on the Brotherhood Discord server.

Course written by Marick Tyris Arconae, Mune Cinteroph, and Tuuka Vurr and last updated by Marick Tyris Arconae and Alethia Archenksova on 24 March 2023.

Activities 105: Vendettas

Vendettas are large-scale events that feature multiple competitions of varying types to test the skill and mettle of the Brotherhood's units. If you've never participated in a vendetta before or you'd like to brush up on what you can expect, this course is here to walk you through everything you need to know to get started!

Course last updated by Alethia Archenksova on 21 November 2022.

Advancement Survey

This survey is designed to help us get feedback from members of the Brotherhood on the earliest phases of their career in the Dark Brotherhood. Once you've become familiar with the club and advanced through your first several ranks, please take a moment to give us your feedback on your experience. The results from this survey shall be used to help us ensure that the Brotherhood is aware of the thoughts and concerns of its newest members.

Note that this survey is regarded as a "course" so it will count toward your Fundamentals course requirements for promotion.