May the 4th competition results


May the 4th competition results

Well, it's official. The first "May the 4th" event is officially over and I'm happy to announce the overall winner:

Qyreia Arronen

Congratulations to the winner!

Qyreia took home the victory, and some new Custom Robes, by winning 31 points in all three competitions. The runners up were Xeipha with 21 points and A'lora Kituri with 12 points.

I'm pleased to say that the event was fairly successful thanks to the 33 participants over all three competitions. You all had very good entries and this was a hard event to grade (some victories were taken by 0.10 points). The stakes were high and everyone did their best.

Thanks to Mav and Evant for their help in grading and thank you all for participating. Better luck next year ;)


Congratulations!!! looking forward to seeing your new robes!

Dayum, qball, kicking ass and taking names! Congrats!

Congrats, Qyreia!


Great job, everyone! Really good entries! Congrats!

Nice job, Qyreia!

Good job with all the awesomeness, y'all!

Hooray, grats o/

Great job!

Congratulations to everyone who placed! It was a nice competition.

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