Name that Metal!


Name that Metal!

Speaking of cool competitions (see Val's Commander competition below), I have started up my September MAA competition - Name that Metal!. Click through for details, but it involves metals and medals and naming.

Clan Taldryan came away victorious in my Leadership: Rewards unit competition, a narrow victory over House Odan-Urr (by one person). Sarin and I are finalizing the unit reward but it's shaping up to be pretty snazzy.


Woulda done better if the old voice hadn't worked the new voice so hard that he didn't get his SA Exam done until today.

Ugh, we were so close. :C

Good on you though, Taldryan.

well played, Tal, well-played.

oooooh weee that was close :P

I'm gonna steel first place for this!

shouldn't it be called "Name that Medal" not Metal???

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