New CoJ Staff for the 2019 Term


New CoJ Staff for the 2019 Term

I am very pleased to announce the shiny new 2019 Chamber of Justice staff:

This was a difficult list to put together. I received 19 applications, far more than I've ever received for any position in my many years of DB leadership. Making things more complicated, many of those applicants were interested in all of the open spots, while some were specifically interested in one or two positions. I received many good responses to the questions I asked in the application survey -- for the record, there was no correct answer to any of the questions but I did give more weight to those answers I found particularly thoughtful.

In the end, I opted to bring Saba (or Farrin, his one true name) onboard as Right Hand because I know him to be levelheaded, careful, and hardworking -- all important traits in a Hand of Justice. I am bringing Turel back as Left Hand for much the same reason. He served during the 2017 term with passion and distinction and I have no doubt that he will defend our members to the best of his considerable ability.

For the Appeals Panel, the Covenant calls for prioritize panel members from different units. To that end, and because both Hands currently reside in Odan Urr, I chose members who had never served in the CoJ in any capacity and who come from other units -- Gaius from Plagueis, Koji from Naga Sadow, and Atra from his own special place. I'm confident this panel will serve ably when called upon for the coming year. If all goes well, they won't have anything to do.

Please join me in congratulating the new CoJ staff!

Congrats to all. The CoJ will be well served as a whole during this time.

Congrats to everyone!

Congrats to all!

Good luck to all!

Way to go, everybody!

Wooo congrats everyone, and good luck!!!

Congrats to all.

Phenomenal team! Thank you all for your dedication and service to the Brotherhood!

congrats. I hope to never have to cross your paths or deal with the CoJ ever.

Serving in the COJ has been and continues to be the highest honor in my club career. I look forward to another term serving the member base.

Congratulations to all!

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