Proconsul Opening!


Proconsul Opening!



Odanites, Allies, and those of the darker persuasion,

I am opening up a special position in Odan-Urr’s Summit. Starting today, I am taking applications for the position of Proconsul. Proconsul is a position of both greater responsibility and greater rewards. For those who want to grow as a leader in this club, I offer you the opportunity to prove yourself and make your mark on this club by helping others at a clan level. For those who already know the ropes, I offer you an opportunity to use your experiences to help a lot of people in this club, this time with hindsight on your side.

Proconsul holds a special spot in my heart. It’s special because you get the freedom to effect a lot of change without being saddled to the big chair. Whether it be projects, clan initiatives, or something else you’ve concocted to provide fun to our club, you get a lot of time to focus on fixing problems without being pulled in many directions that often marks ones time as Consul. A Proconsul still has to learn how to handle the burdens of Consul but they get to enjoy a unique mixture of freedom, impact, and focus that can be quite enviable. So if you are on the fence in considering Proconsul, I suggest you ask your fellow leaders and give it proper consideration. Proconsul is a lot of fun so I hope you give it a shot. :)

Interested? As of today, I am opening up DB-wide applications for PCON of Odan-Urr, which will remain open until EOD November 28th. Please provide me with your application by then and include your answers to the below. For information on Odan-Urr moving forward, I encourage you to read my past reports and ask me questions directly.

  • What are you passionate about changing in this club?
  • What projects/initiatives/plans would you like to implement for a Clan and why?
  • What group activities would you want to try to make a reality?
  • Given the linked reports above, what feedback would you provide?
  • What is your past experience and what have you learned from it?
  • Time availability (PCON have a minimum required 48 hour turnaround time, ideally 24 hours)

So, a bit more about Odan-Urr fictionally for those that don’t know much about it. We are a clan whose stated mission is to fix problems in the galaxy regardless of borders. We focus on several large themes such as Rebels, Jedi, and the mysterious power of the Force itself. No matter how you fight for good, Odan-Urr bravely fights as one against the galaxy’s oppressors and for survival itself, the galaxy is a dangerous place. And, the rumors are true. We do live with space elves.

Lastly, I would be remiss if I did not remember my outgoing Proconsul, Celevon Erinos. He has served the club as Proconsul for many months and I am very appreciative of his help. He was there during the good parts and the bad and we went on one hell of a journey. He personified chill and brought a soothing presence to the Summit. He has a gift for organization and clan administration, even if I had to recolor the excel docs. With his help, we made some big changes to Odan-Urr as well as some needed housekeeping. There are too many to list but a few highlights include the clan reorganization, clan coalitions, fictional planning, and a much needed discord refurbishment. Thank you for all that you have done for us. It is immensely appreciated.

Good luck to all applicants!


~Signed with Pheromones


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