Clan Odan-Urr

Clan of the Dark Brotherhood
A Light Amidst The Darkness
About Clan Odan-Urr

Clan Odan-Urr is the first Light Side oriented Clan of the Dark Brotherhood, rising from its humble beginnings to become the current First Clan of the Brotherhood. This motley crew of underdogs and rebels, consisting of Jedi, Mandalorians, a flexible range of Force Users somewhere in-between the light and the dark, soldiers, mercenaries, and others, fights bravely against the galaxy's tyrants, hoping that one day its bright light will reach the darkest of corners.

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Date Title Author Context
05/02/2019 COU PCON (And RM!) Report #1: Who left these guys in charge? Augur Celevon Edraven Erinos Proconsul
03/31/2019 [COU] High Councillor Report #2: Land Down Under Vanguard Aurora "Aura" Ta'var Consul
03/01/2019 [COU] High Councillor Report #1: Inmates Running The Asylum Vanguard Aurora "Aura" Ta'var Consul
02/20/2019 [COU] Odan-Urr Fiction Update (Breaking Point, Part I) & Clan Survey Vanguard Aurora "Aura" Ta'var Consul
02/12/2019 Breaking News - New PCON, Now taking QUA apps! Vanguard Aurora "Aura" Ta'var Consul
01/31/2019 [COU] High Councillor Report #0: Of CONs and PCONs (Redux) Vanguard Aurora "Aura" Ta'var Consul
01/24/2019 High Councillor Report(ish) #10 Seer Archenksov Consul
12/11/2018 High Councillor Report #9 Seer Archenksov Consul
10/20/2018 [COU] High Councillor Report #8a - The Rite Stuff Seer Archenksov Consul
09/03/2018 [COU] High Councillor Report #7: Tipping Over Seer Archenksov Consul
07/29/2018 [COU] Tipping Point Seer Archenksov Consul
07/22/2018 [COU] High Councillor Report #6 - Teetering on the Brink Seer Archenksov Consul
06/06/2018 Two New Councillors of Urr!!! Vanguard Aurora "Aura" Ta'var Proconsul
06/06/2018 [COU] High Councillor Report #5 - Station to Station Seer Archenksov Consul
05/14/2018 [ARC-COU] Consul Bride Debrief Seer Archenksov Consul
05/01/2018 [COU] High Councillor Report #4 - I Guess It's the May Report Now Seer Archenksov Consul
04/10/2018 A Witty Title - COU Rollmaster Report #1 Lieutenant Colonel Len Iode Rollmaster
03/15/2018 [COU] High Councillor Report #3 - We Are Why Rich People Can't Have Nice Things Seer Archenksov Consul
02/22/2018 [COU] High Councillor Report #2: War! Huh! What is it Good For? Seer Archenksov Consul
02/04/2018 The Mother of All Fridges - February COU PCON Report Vanguard Aurora "Aura" Ta'var Proconsul