Professor of CORE Studies Opening + Fading Light Trivia Reminder


Professor of CORE Studies Opening + Fading Light Trivia Reminder

Teu informed me last night that her real life schedule will no longer give her enough time to adequately head up the Department of CORE Studies. I'd like to publicly thank her for the time and energy she has devoted to the Shadow Academy. Good luck to you, Teu!

Of course, now I need a new Professor. CORE Studies hosts one of the busiest course sets in the Shadow Academy and four of the oldest courses still in use. It has also very recently been almost entirely rewritten. That said, I'm always looking for ways to improve our course offerings, and I expect Professors to take a leading role in evaluating and revising their courses -- even after a full rewrite. If you apply for this job, expect to be grading courses on nearly a daily basis and be prepared to take a hard look at the current notes and exams for all seven courses to identify anything that could be improved.

Here are the formal requirements:

  • Rank of Jedi Hunter
  • 24 hour grading turnaround
  • Have passed all six COREs and DB Basics with at least 90%
  • Be prepared to review and revise all seven courses as needed

Send your applications to me and Ood by 11:59pm EST on November 8.

Fading Light Trivia!

I also want to take a moment to encourage everyone to take a crack at the trivia event for the final round of Fading Light. It's a difficult event by design and the nova breakdown is far from certain -- if you haven't taken it yet, you still have a shot at winning gold. So go do it, if not for personal shinies, then to help out your clan or house!

Also prepared to become the shining light of the staff.

I'd like to state that a 24h grading turnaround is not sufficient for this course. 8h or less is the goal to aim for here, these courses are too important for new members to spend any longer over an exam (on average).

Good luck to anyone applying for this job then...not sure why the standards for these courses are much more stringent than any other DB standard (24 hours is the norm for everything, and while people can get to things faster than that, to expect them to on a regular basis is pretty far-fetched).

I mean, I'm always on people for quick turnarounds, but to expect this type of turnaround blows the mind. At work? Nope, need to DB. Oversleep? Sorry, too long! Just state 24 hrs as maximum turnaround and leave it at that. To state otherwise is telling people that the DB > RL

Also, technically the importance of fast turnaround time for these courses has disappeared since none of them are required for promotions these days.

Is there any information on how many exams we could expect on average per day?

Well that depends -- you will probably only see a full exam submission every couple of days, but you may also find yourself grading four or five retakes (which may or may not be quicker to grade) in a single day. For the month of October, there was at least one CORE Studies exam submitted almost every day, including retakes.

Good luck to whatever happens Teu!

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