PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates


PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates

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Collective Covert Counter-Attack Collapses
After the successful joint operations of Arcona and Odan-Urr took allied forces into the heart of Nancora's industrial network, the Collective launched numerous raids on Brotherhood homeworlds. Alerted by members of the taskforce, the allied clans of Odan-Urr and Arcona raced to the Dajorra system, the Shadow Clan's home, as the Odanite's homeworld was believed to be safe from the danger.

The combined 'Lotus' fleet and the defenses above the world of Selen, including the Golan II defense platform Dusk Station, were able to defeat the Collective raid. While the enemy fleet wasn't destroyed, several frigates and support vessels were damaged and caught in Selen's gravity well, crashing into the oceanic world while the main force fled. Arcona has found itself in Odan-Urr's debt, as the fight would have claimed many more lives without their aid.

On the ground or in the ocean wreckage, Collective survivors made for land and began regrouping. Arcona—having only just ended a plague before the assault on Nancora—finds itself beset with riots and chaos within its cities, and Collective irregulars raiding from within its wilderness. Attacks on farming and fishing communities are only exacerbating the situation that the Shadow Clan finds itself in. Suspicions are arising that the trouble at home isn't simply bad luck and worse timing, but orchestrated by a hidden enemy.

Read more about Arcona's ongoing events with the Collective here and their Sins of the Past here.

Naga Sadow
Sadowans in Hiding - Orian system lost
The battle with the Collective appeared to be over. Following the Battle of Nancora, an attack on Sepros briefly drove Clan Naga Sadow into hiding. Reports confirmed that the assault appeared to originate from the planet of Ruuria. While they might have appeared weak to the Collective, the clan seized upon the chance to orchestrate a surprise attack. At the front were the likes of Locke Sonjie, Kojiro Keibatsu and Marcus Kiriyu, as the Sadowans drove the Collective out from before them. With the clan’s combined strength, it appeared they had slain their enemies to the last man, effectively ending the immediate threat of the Collective...for a time.

The victory was short lived. The first probing attack had drawn the clan from its shell and, while the majority of its forces were committed to the assault on the Collective outpost, the faction had dispatched another portion of its forces to the Orian System. What was expected to be a quiet return home turned into a rout as the Sadowan fleet was ordered into retreat.

As the Collective seized the Orian system, Clan Naga Sadow has disappeared into the stars. After making contact at Citadel with Telosian reinforcements, the Collective were hot on their trail. While Morax Darkblade, Erik Cato, and the former Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu were holding back the Collective at the station, Calenhad managed to evade detection and cripple the Collective frigate. This action would allow the clan and their newfound alliance time to flourish. Conserving their strength, Consul Stahoes and the clan head to Cato Neimoidia, where an auction of priceless artifacts is about to take place...

Read more about Naga Sadow's ongoing events here.

Trouble on the Home Front
The greatest enemy is one within. For decades, Kiast has simmered with internal strife beneath its tranquil facade, but at last a spark has set the system aflame. The Vauzem Dominion has returned to seize the throne, and Vatali, Quorahi, and bitter guilds have erupted in armed combat while Empress Kaltani Anasaye lay comatose.

Odan-Urr treads water, an unwilling participant struggling to return peace despite the mysterious circumstances that set its High Councillor as the Empire's temporary regent. As they fight alongside allies to help put out the blaze, agents of the Sentinel Network race to find the true culprit behind the discord. For now, the only thing certain is that larger forces are at work.

Faced with war on a third front, against a faceless enemy that seeks to play Sephi and Odanite against each other, the Council of Urr looks to a more familiar enemy outside the system, leaving the Vatali to settle their own affairs. All the while they wonder, can we survive without becoming what we despise?

Read more about Odan-Urr's struggle against the dark here.

Aliso: Saboteurs in Our Midst
The infrastructure vital to the success of Clan Plagueis has been under attack. The D&D Construction Yards, the central pillar of maintenance and urban development for Aliso City, has suffered an explosion. Work has been brought to a crawl as investigation takes place into the cause, but witnesses among the slave population point to one of their own, who was executed on the spot by Wraith personnel.

More reports have described similar uncoordinated acts of terrorism throughout the city as pockets of slaves seemingly overcome their conditioning and have acted out against their ruling class. Several Plagueian Dark Jedi have been mobilized to track and record these happenings as the Dread Lord tries to piece together the larger picture.

While the mechanism behind the disruptions remains a mystery, the underhanded method bears the hallmarks of Collective activity. The continuing operations that keep Clan Plagueis in power are being eroded, and the chaos brewing on Aliso only serves the interests of the anti-Force fanatics. While no members of Plagueis have been directly attacked, it is clear that these are acts of war against the Ascendant Clan, and will not be taken lying down.

Read more about Plagueis' ongoing events in their clan RO, the Song of Discord, here.

Scholae Palatinae
MAQOR INVADED - Scholae Troops Launch Mighty Offensive*
Imperial Scholae Army forces have liberated the west side of Maqor from the Meraxis Empire, held back from complete control by Elayan intervention.

A spokesman from the Imperial Scholae Army reported at a press conference recently that the entirety of Maqor has been liberated from Meraxis control by an offensive led by Scholae forces. “A direct march into their territory proved the indomitable might of our military and superiority over the Meraxis defence,” the speaker said.

“However, we were blindsided by an unexpected attack from Elaya, who previously supported our liberation of Caelestis City. Their cowardly attack prevented our forces from obtaining complete control of Maqor”

The Collective - On Our Doorstep
The battle has revealed the extent of the collaborations between Meraxis and the Collective, with the two appearing to have formed an alliance based on their fear of the Empire. Collective forces were encountered numerous times during the Battle of Maqor, but proved no match for the might of our forces, spearheaded by the newly purchased Juggernaut tanks.

The spokesman also dismisses reports that the Grand Vizier, Raiju Kang, was assassinated by Collective forces on Maqor as a ‘fabrication’ and ‘propaganda to sow doubt in our leadership’, and that Raiju is simply pursuing a lower profile role out of the public eye. His replacement, Belarius Pwyll, is expected to address the Empire in the coming days.

Elaya - Growing Tensions
Relations between the Empress and President Skylar Seki are reported to be strained following Elaya’s attack on Meraxis.

Read more about Scholae Palatinae's ongoing events and the conclusion to Words & War here.

Caelus: A safe haven or the place of demise for Clan Taldryan?
Caelus, an independent star system just outside the borders of the Outer Rim best known for their skills in refining the Chlouzon-36 gas harvested on one of the system's planets into starship fuel. The Caelus system became the refuge for Clan Taldryan in return for aiding the local government in dealing with uprising terrorist attacks within the system.

Taldryan—still beaten and on the run after its members were accused to be Undesirables—agreed to help the local government, but kept its origin as Force sensitives and association with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood a secret. Within only a short time the members of Taldryan grew to prominence among the local citizens for their unconventional yet effective methods in dealing with the terrorists. At the same time, Taldryan secretly began to recruit local researchers for its own means and to increase the clan's influence within the system outside the prying eyes of the local government.

However, unknown to both the government of the Caelus system and Clan Taldryan, the Collective had long since begun a large-scale infiltration of the system of its own. When House Ektrosis attempted to recruit a defecting Collective scientist into its nascent Sphere of Research and Intelligence the situation quickly revealed itself as a trap, killing several Taldryan troops in the process. When the Collective attacked the SRI headquarters, clan leadership determined that a more militant unit needed to be added to the clan's structure. Out of the ashes of the Battle of Iosan rose a resurgent House Archanis.

Read more about Taldryan's ongoing events here.

Greetings all,

The above Clan fictional updates are courtesy of our excellent Consuls and are meant as brief updates to what Clans are up to before the RoS launches, particularly because our larger fictional updates are not always the best place to highlight what Clans are busy with.

A special thank you to Atra for assisting me in preparing these for posting.


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