PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #2


PulseFeed News Aggregator: Clan Updates #2


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Supremacy Attained, Broken Pillar
War. Cooperation. Confrontation. These are the events that befell the Brotherhood as a whole in the ongoing conflict against the Collective. Most recently, in learning of an enemy prison operating as both an interrogation facility and a monitoring station, the Council found its own forces weren't enough to break free from the Collective's ever reaching grasp. It had been their goal to disrupt the facility and free the prisoners upon discovery—an act that had been made possible by the efforts of agents from every clan.

And so it was that the Brotherhood attained victory. It was the clans that formed the main attack force against Meridian. Heroes made themselves known from all units, regardless of size, and Meridian fell. Not only that, but Daggo Mouk, Technocratic Guildmaster, was killed in the attack. A blow that the Collective would feel at their very core. Because of the efforts recognized, and as a symbolic gesture, Meridian station would remain in service, but at the use of all clans. A hub to act as a staging grounds and neutral territory to all.

One of many steps in a changing Brotherhood.

Mission Success, Not Yet Complete
Arcona has returned from Meridian with little to show for it. While they achieved their personal goal of taking shuttles of supplies off the station while other clans fought over an artifact, they're uneasy with a new Inquisitorius base in their backyard.

House Qel-Droma finds its home of Port Ol'val mostly repaired and much of the civil unrest dealt with. A new threat is rising from the underbelly, or outside of the shadowport as has yet to be seen. The Dawn Conclave looks to disrupt the 'Blindman's Gang', Qel-Droma's shadowy front. Assaults by this new threat have already cost lives and put several prominent members of the House in medical.

House Galeres is focusing on team building exercises, going out to the low-tech worlds of Dajorra and doing survival training. While the members are building repertoire and preparing for future missions, the leaders of Galeres are readying to assist the Arcona Expeditionary Force in their task of raiding Collective shipping lanes.

Read more about Arcona's ongoing events here.

Naga Sadow
The Clan In Exile - Gathering Strength To Strike Back

The campaign against the Collective continues slowly for Clan Naga Sadow. Following the attack on the Meridian Prime space station, Naga Sadow has taken a brief reprieve. Taking advantage of this relative calm the hunt has begun again in earnest for resources, potential military assets and Force artifacts across the galaxy. The Sadowan Empire is gathering whatever they can to aid them in their next major operation against the Collective threat.

House Marka Ragnos has fought to keep the fleet afloat through piracy and cunning, while a recent discovery by House Shar Dakhan may have uncovered an ancient artifact with a deep connection to the clan in exile. As the Houses toil, the Sadowan Summit has been probing space and records, seeking an edge that will allow them to retaliate against the Collective and to take back to the Orian System. During a recent reconnaissance, a cosmic anomaly reeking of the Dark Side drew the eye of the Clan to a previously overlooked solar system. However, it appears that more than just the wayward Clan may have a vested interest in this new discovery...

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We're all fine here now

With the Vatali Empire collapsing into civil war amid the shadowy machinations of an unseen foe, the Odanite Expeditionary Force and the Jedi set out for Meridian in hopes of finding an enemy they could recognize. And, working uneasily alongside the forces of the Dark Brotherhood, they emerged victorious.

However, their sense of victory may prove to be short-lived. Kiast is still in flames as the Vauzem Dominion, squabbling noble houses, and the loyalists reluctantly united under the regency of the High Councillor engage in an endless series of battles and sieges.

The returning Odanite military brings with it a double-edged sword: Daggo Mouk's mysterious artifact. While it may prove to be a powerful weapon against the darkness, Rath Oligard's Collective armada will undoubtedly do whatever it takes to pry it back from cold, dead Jedi fingers. The artifact, presented to the Odanites personally by Deputy Grand Master Morgan Sorenn, has also started to raise uncomfortable questions about High Councillor Archenksova's secret arrangements with the Iron Throne. Facing uncertainties at home, Odan-Urr looks to find a way to peace on Kiast even as internal conflicts within its Council grow.

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In With The Old

Since Plagueis's return to the Aliso system following the latest campaign against the Collective, it would appear that prior problems have not gone away. Despite the Ascendant Clan's best efforts to quell the uprising of dissident slaves, the continual emergence of servants breaking their conditioning is still a concern in the Plagueian ranks. Those forces holding allegiance with the clan have been instructed by the Pinnacle to continue seeking out new incidents of rebellion, torturing anyone who dare defy the Dread Lord's throne.

Meanwhile, the Dread Lord himself has set his sights on planets and worlds beyond the Plagueis dominion. Thanks in part to older data archives from the Confederacy of Independent Systems, members of the clan have been digging through a treasure trove of information. One planet in particular in the Unknown Regions—as far as Plagueis can tell, unnamed—appears to yield beneficial resources such as ore and other minerals that would be useful for the clan's infrastructure and military complex. Arden Karn di Plagia aims to investigate the planet further, though he is aware that he may not be the only leader in the Brotherhood who is interested in this uncharted domain.

Read more about Plagueis' ongoing events in their clan RO, the Song of Discord, here.

Scholae Palatinae
Imperial Newsnet: A New Threat?

Following the successful attack on Maqor, in which the Meraxis Empire lost its last remaining territory on Ragnath, Scholae Forces scored a decisive victory against The Collective. Zabrak bounty hunter Bale Andros has been declared a War Hero by Empress Elincia Rei following his exploits in the battle aboard the Meridian Space Station.

However, a new threat to the security of the Empire. An Imperial Class Star Destroyer—bigger than any other warship in the Caperion System—has been spotted in orbit above the planet of Seraph among the Meraxis Navy. While the origins of this ship are unknown, a classified Imperial Scholae Intelligence report is believed to contain evidence the new Meraxis flagship was funded by Collective accounts. If true, this signifies a greater level of cooperation between Meraxis and the Collective.

All Imperial Scholae forces have been placed on high alert following this development, and are ready to stand guard, preparing against an imminent attack from Meraxis. Although relations between the Empress and 'allied' Elaya President Skylar Seki remain strained following their opportunistic land grab during the Battle of Maqor, Scholae and Elayan naval units have been observed to engage in dual military exercise drills simulating an attack from the new Meraxis flagship.

Read more about Scholae Palatinae's ongoing events here.

Protectorate of the Caelus Systems

After the incursion of the Collective in the Caelus System and following the events in the Meridian System when the Taldryan fleet returned to its homestead within the Caelus System, the Clan saw itself tossed at the edges of a civil war with the citizens of the Caelus System.

Drayen Ky'Lian under the influence of the spirit of an ancient Sith Lord has used Taldryan's absence to mobilize the military forces of the Caelus System against Taldryan while as part of his plan luring the Taldryan Consul into a trap that nearly saw Rian Taldrya killed.

Though too late to warn the Consul, Drayen's sister Ceyra Ky'Lian along an agent of the SRI within the Caelus Security forces managed to inform the other leaders of Taldryan on the plans of Drayen. It was only through the combined efforts of both Houses that the uprising despot could be stopped.

Following the events the Chancellor, during a public ceremony to honor the efforts of Taldryan in saving the citizens of Chyron, declared the amalgamation of the Caelus System and Clan Taldryan and appointing them as the protectors of the Caelus System with full control over their combined military forces in honor of their recent actions that saved the Caelus System.

Now with themselves given a new purpose, the Clan's houses set out for their own individual goals while the Consul and Elders of Taldryan began to investigate the origins of the items that influenced Drayen Ky'Lian and gave him his powers.

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PulseFeed News Aggregator is a quarterly update to the fictional happenings within each Clan. This second edition was prepared by Atra, my Praetor, working in conjunction with our Consuls.


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