Quaestor Applications Open - House Shar Dakhan


Quaestor Applications Open - House Shar Dakhan

After four months as the Quaestor and some months before that as the Aedile in Shar Dakhan, our own Evelynn Wyrm has decided to step down from the hot seat of one half of our happy little family in CNS. For service to both House and Clan, we would like to thank Evelynn.

This now means that the Clan has to seek out someone to fill those big shoes in the House. So first things first: Applications for the opening position of Quaestor are going to be open DB-wide. Your apps will need to be sent to our Consul Sanguinius ( [Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and myself ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) no later than the 10PM GMT on the 9th of August.

I know this can be an exciting opportunity. Below we will be listing the requirements for the position. (By the way, you may want to take a peek at the Quaestor Wiki page if you are not already familiar with it already)

The ideal candidate must:

  • Be able to reply to emails within 24 hours
  • Have a general plan of action for the next few months concerning this role and how you will develop the House
  • Have an active presence on Telegram
  • Be willing to work with and develop leaders, such as the Aedile and Battleteam Leader of the House
  • Be willing to take on a challenge
  • Be able to write reports or joint reports with the Aedile
  • Maintain working and social relationships with members of the House
  • Be able to reward members with either medals or promotions
  • Be able to coordinate with both Clan Summit and Battleteam Leadership on Clan projects and events

What I would like to see from applicants is what you desire from the position, an examination of your weaknesses, how you aim to improve upon areas of weakness and what our summit can do to help you succeed on both a personal level and as a leader. We don't want a 30/60/90 plan this time around, but we will very likely have some follow up questions to ask those who apply- through email or Telegram. Once again, you need to send your app to both Sanguinius ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Bentre ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) before 10PM GMT on the August 9th. We look forward to seeing what folks want to bring to the table.

Your Servant in Darkness, Your Servant in Sadow,


Big opportunity here. Good luck to all!

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