Quaestor Posting


Quaestor Posting

It is not with joy that I write this posting, but with understanding. Qyreia has served with distinction as a leader of Galeres for quite some time and has proven to be a champion of the Clan in more than one Vendetta. Fatigue, politics, and time grind on us all though, and he's chosen this time to step away from the Club as a whole. It is my hope that he'll return to us someday, but for now, he's going to rest. I and the Clan wish him the best on this and bear him no ill will on this decision.

As such, the position of Quaestor of Galeres will be opened to applications, from now until the 20th of May, or until we receive an application that Rhylance and myself approve of.

What we're looking for:
* Reasonably active on Telegram
* Willingness to lead by example by participating/organizing at least 10 competitions per month
* 24 hour turnaround time for TG messages and email
* Willingness to work closely in a team
* Previous leadership experience is a plus, but not required.

As far as applications, the things we would like to see in them:
* What aspects about them (either IRL or in the DB) would make them the best choice
* Past examples of leadership (either IRL or in the DB) and what they have learned from it
* deas for the fictional direction of the House
* Any long term projects they would like to tackle

Again, the deadline is the 20th with a possibility of closing early, so don't wait.

And again, thank you, Qybbles, for all your hard work.

--Kordath Bleu

Sad news. I'm gonna miss you, Q!

Good luck to all who apply!

Thank you Q for everything you've done for Galares and Arcona.

You will be sorely missed.

I wish you the best Q!

Q good luck in life and thank you for your dedication to this Clan, you will be missed.

Your friend,


Wish you luck Qyreia.

good luck. you're going to need it - Han Solo

Will miss you here, Q. Guess that means I will need to bug you elsewhere now, huh? ;)

All the best, my friend.

Good luck with everything Q! I've always enjoyed and appreciated your great work.

Wish you the best Qyreia!

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