Recognizing Excellence, and a Passing of the Torch


Recognizing Excellence, and a Passing of the Torch

Greetings all,

Today I have accepted the resignation of our Deputy Grand Master, Morgan "Vyr" Sorenn. Although Vyr and I had discussed his resignation well in advance, it was no less of a loss for the Brotherhood and for myself. I know I speak for both the Consuls and the Dark Council when I say Vyr's presence will be missed.

Over the last four years, Vyr has had a tremendous, positive impact on our Brotherhood. First as Herald, where he took graphics in our club from a niche activity to truly a pillar, to his time as Deputy Grand Master, where he spearheaded a new website design, directed the Rite of Supremacy, and launched a new faction, Vyr has created structures and activities that all of our members have benefited from. Vyr has been an excellent second in command and helped me immeasurably by supporting me in a variety of ways, from building bridges with Consuls to facilitating fictional development in new directions. In every way, Vyr is what we expect from an Elder in our club. For these reasons, and many more, I am pleased to promote our outgoing Deputy Grand Master to the rank of Master. Congratulations, Vyr, and thank you for your service!

Over the next few weeks, Vyr will be continuing to work with the Dark Council as a member of the Story Group to ensure a smooth transition to the new Deputy Grand Master, and to make sure that our fictional plot continues as scheduled towards the Great Jedi War. This means he will be helping with our ongoing competition series that will define our new faction, The Brotherhood Rising: The Severian Principate, and so don't be surprised if you continue to hear from him occasionally!

A Passing of the Torch

As Vyr and I discussed his resignation in advance, I had more than enough time to select a new Deputy Grand Master. Because of the nature of Deputy Grand Master, applications are often not needed - all of the candidates I considered are well known to me and to all of you, as well. After careful consideration, I have decided to elevate Evant Taelyan to Deputy Grand Master.

Evant joined the Dark Council nearly four years ago, and although he is best known for his implementation and continued expansion of our Possessions system, he has contributed to virtually every major project from the Dark Council since he became Voice back in 2015. Evant is always challenging our paradigms and looking for new ways to improve the Star Wars experience for our membership, and I have no doubt he will be an excellent Deputy Grand Master. I will allow Evant to expand on his new role and responsibilities later this weekend. At that time, we will also open Regent to applications. Please do not submit applications before then, as we will have important information regarding the position at that point.

With that, please join me in congratulating Vyr on his service, and congratulating Evant on his elevation to Deputy Grand Master!

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Grand Master

There goes the block.

Congrats Evant in the role. slides paperwork

Congrats to Master Vyr, first of his name, mother of beards.

You poor dumb bastard, Evant

Yay Vyr

Congrats to Vyr and best of luck to Evant!

Congrats, Evant!

Congrats Evant! I have high expectations and I know you can deliver.

Congrats, Evant!

Congrats to you both!

Thank you to Vyr and congrats to Evant!

Thanks for all the hard work Vyr and congrats, Evant!

Congrats, Evant and Vyr!

Congrats both of you!

Woo, congrats to both of you! Evant is well on his way to DC bingo. :p

Congrats Evant! Thanks for your service Vyr! A well deserved rest, I'm sure! Enjoy the new freedoms! ^.^

Congrats Evant on DGM! Vyr, your contributions to our club are immense and we are all thankful for it.

Thanks to Vyr for your contributions , time and energy spent over the years- and congratulations on your new rank.

Congratulations to Evant on your new position, and I look forward to working more closely with you. :)

Evant, you poor fool

Congrats to Master Vyr and DGM Evant on your new position.

Thank you Vyr for everything you've done!! Congratulations Evant and good luck in your new position!!!!!

Didn't get to work with you much V'yr, but you were always a PM away if I had questions or concerns. I appreciated that a lot and wish you luck with whatever you do next.

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