Results are in - Twitter Blitz: Battlefront Expectations


Results are in - Twitter Blitz: Battlefront Expectations

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Given that it lasted a full week, the Twitter Blitz competition was a little longer than the name would suggest. There were however 13 members that took the time to enter which was enough to bump up the Crescents awarded to Level 2.

Thanks to everyone that entered, and especially those that also followed the Twitter account, over the week. It helps a lot. If you're still to follow the account you can either click the link in this paragraph or the twitter logo to the right.

The Results!

5th place goes to Yacks!

My hopes for #StarWars #Battlefront from @EA_DICE is just a really good implementation of flying vehicles

4th place goes to Locke!

Would love to see more unique capital ships and interiors in the new Battlefront game!

3rd place, winning a Crescent with Sapphire Star, goes to Arturis!

Air and Ground Battle Maps, with destructable cap ships/buildings, ground to air/air to ground turrets.

2nd place, winning a Crescent with Amethyst Star, goes to Ernordeth!

Battlefront can include troops from KOTOR/SWTOR and the EU

1st place, winning a Crescent with Ruby Star, goes to Condar!

I think BFront 3 should have seamless atmospheric to space flight in it. How epic would that be?

Good job to everyone who placed (and those who didn't, too!)

Didn't I promise bonus Crescents?

Hmm... I think I am right. Congratulations to the members who were randomly selected to share the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place crescents:

  1. Brimstone
  2. Raiju
  3. Nero

Enjoy your shinies.

Congratulations, gentlepandas!

Good job everyone! May the Rabbit be with you all!

I hope Condar's wish comes true :-/

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