Right Hand of Justice Chosen; Applications open for Left Hand of Justice


Right Hand of Justice Chosen; Applications open for Left Hand of Justice

Good evening,

The two Hands of Justice serve for one year terms. That leaves me in the unfortunate position to have to replace my team annually. Well, at least one of the two, anyway. The purpose of this rotation is to ensure that there is constant fresh blood in the CoJ, and to keep training members in these positions so the skills are spread out to the DB.

The Right Hand of Justice, Halcyon Taldrya, has served his term, which ended November 28. I have chosen, in lieu of accepting applications, to appoint Montresor, the current Left Hand of Justice, as the replacement for Halcyon.

Both Halc and Monty deserve my thanks for what they have done in their positions. Halc was instrumental in getting me up to speed when I came on as Justicar, and was a gigantic help in moving through a huge backlog of cases that took up the first six months of this year. As for Monty, he has done a fantastic job as Left Hand, leaving the position in much better shape than it was when he came in. I am glad to be able to keep him on my team for another year.

With the move of Monty to Right Hand, applications for LHoJ are being accepted.

The Left Hand of Justice is generally considered the public defender of the DB. He serves as defense counsel and ensures that members have proper knowledge of their rights. He works with the Right Hand of Justice to gain a full discovery of evidence and helps establish a case in defense of the accused.

The person that takes over as LHoJ at this point is going to be working with Monty and me in the ongoing effort to amend the Covenant and other policies, write position handbooks, and continue to improve the Chamber.

In your application, aside from the usual details, please give some insight as to why you would be a good defense counsel. I would like to hear your thoughts on the CoJ in general, including any insights as to the state of the Covenant.

Having passed both CoJ SA courses is a big plus, but may not be a necessity.

Applications are due to me by 10:00 PM EST on December 4.

Thank you,


JST apply already!

Congrats Monty! Future JST? :p

Congrats Monty and thanks Halc! I JST can't wait to see who gets chosen!

Hm...i JST might apply again.

Thanks for the year of service, Halc! Good luck to all those that apply.

I hope Monty adJSTs well to his new position and has my congratulations. :D

I JST don't have what it takes.

But that Monty guy does!

Bring the team JSTification.

Welcome to the "Jump from LH to RH half way through your term" club, Monty!

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