Rite of Supremacy: Escalation Begins


Rite of Supremacy: Escalation Begins

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The simmering conflict between the Severian Principate and the Tenixir Revenants has escalated into a major battle on the Hutt planet Dandoran. Both sides are seeking the mysterious crystals that Avitus Oligard has spent the last year tracking down. Meanwhile, with Arx still vulnerable as it rebuilds after the Collective’s siege, the Grand Master has rebuffed calls for aid from the Brotherhood’s erstwhile allies in the Principate and Revenants. Instead, the members of the Clans have taken it upon themselves to intervene, for better and for worse…

Rite of Supremacy: Escalation begins tonight!

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Scoring and Rewards

Participants will pledge to a sub-faction and their placement/participation points will contribute to the total score for that group. We will follow the same scoring process as in the last few vendettas. As is typical for an RoS, participation will be weighted more heavily than placement. The relative scores of the sub-factions will determine the ultimate outcome of the SP/TR conflict.

Importantly, all team events will be inter-clan though all team members must be pledged to the same sub-faction.

Scores will also be tracked for Clans for purposes of awarding credits and Clan-level possessions. Clans will receive prorated points from team events based on the clan composition of the team.

In addition to Hero titles for the top three scoring members and the usual novae and credits, the top ten participants for each sub-faction will be granted a unique sub-faction themed possessions item. The sub-faction items will also be placed in the Faction Store for purchase by all participants, restricted by sub-faction.

Dossier art will be awarded based on a modified version of the Herald Vendetta Dossier Skin Guidelines:

1st Place Sub-faction: Weapon & Accessory
2nd Place Sub-faction: Weapon
3rd Place Sub-faction: Accessory

And all participants will receive one Seal of Enmity per competition participated in.

Additionally, Clans will be granted Clan Fleet Upgrade artifacts from a pool of available artifacts. In order of Clan score, each Clan will get to select one artifact from the list. An artifact, once selected, will be removed from the list and not be available for other Clans to choose in this vendetta.


If you find any errors in competitions or have questions about rules, please email me, Evant, and the competition organizers. Do not message us on Telegram with questions, as it’s nearly impossible for us to track everything that way. Any updates or clarifications to competition rules will be announced on the news page.

We all hope you have as much fun participating in this event as we have had in conceiving and organizing it!


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