Rollmaster Needed!


Rollmaster Needed!

After Methyas has had to step down from Rollmaster of Naga Sadow we are now looking for someone to take over the guidance of our younger members.

The requirements are:

  • Email turnaround time of no more than 24 hours.
  • High IRC Presence.
  • Minimum rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

If you think you have what it takes to help the next generation of Dark Jedi Brotherhood members on their path to Knighthood then send your application to Macron and myself no later than Friday the 10th of October.

I nominate Howie. Queen of the Rollmasters!

We're looking for someone really motivated, who wants to liaison with the Journeymen and women to see them succeed. The person will be administering our Master-student program.

liase with journeymen and women? Are you saying your summit only deals with men? ;)

Hope you find someone awesome, RM is far too important a job to not have that

And you don't liase with trees? That's abit racist to tree people. ;)

Their bark is worse than their bite, or so says our Consul. Journeymen, Journeywomen, and alien beings... :)

I'm a knight and I have a decent amount of experience working with Journeymen, but I have a poor connection to the IRC and the Voice servers don't work with my laptop (don't know why). Would that discredit me as a candidate for roll master?

Hi Marduss! That's a Malik question really.

Also probably more appropriate for email than comments... but that's none of my business.

/me takes a sip of tea.

Still not covering hermaphroditic insects there sir :) .

I think alien beings covers that. Besides which, we have a rather large Verpine colony in the Orian System. All the chitin and bug-slobber you can stand!

you could have just said "sentients" but then someone would have pointed out that a chair may be able to do the job better then some applicants...

Isn't journeyman gender neutral? :P

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