RoS Objective-Based Team Fiction Reminder


RoS Objective-Based Team Fiction Reminder

Greetings programs!

I feel like people have some misunderstandings or issues with the Objective-based fiction, specifically, what their first post in the Discourse thread should contain so I'm posting this as a reminder to everyone:

Post #1 should contain:

  • Team roster of characters, including snapshots of Character sheets used in the event

  • chosen Path (of the three available)

It can also include posting rules, links to wiki pages or a link to the main comp for easy reference

Post #1 does not need to contain:

  • full, copy/pasted comp description because it's not necessary

Below you will find a good example of this:

RoSM: Clan Naga Sadow - Team Green Monkeys

Additionally, as you can see in that example, post #2 will be either mine or Evant's detailing the objectives. While the objectives are readily accessible via wiki, we'd like each team to have them on their thread for future reference. Do not post story posts before we add the objectives

(Suggestion: use Google docs before posting)

Relevant links:

Objective-Based Team Fiction comp,

Objective-Based Team Fiction wiki

So, we have to make two posts for Admin?

No, just the first one. Evant or I will post the second one.

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