Ruby Scepter Awarded: Eminent Val Cole


Ruby Scepter Awarded: Eminent Val Cole

Greetings Everyone,

Mav and I had a discussion earlier and thought it would be wise to highlight the efforts of Eminent Val Cole over the past several months. Val, as many of you know, has served the club for an extended period of time across several Clans and on the Dark Council. His humble start in the club came from terrible Russian wifi out of Baghdad and continues today with slightly better wifi out of the Midwest. Most recently, Val served as the Proconsul of Clan Vizsla and was instrumental in every aspect of the Clan from our proposal to current state. We have awarded Val a Ruby Scepter for these efforts and his continued advisory role to several of our club's leaders. You can read the recommendation here:

Congratulations, Val. :)

Congratulations Val! You are awesome!

Gratz Val! keep it up my man.

Nicely done, my dude! Congratulations.

Well deserved. Congrats, buddy. Strike!

Congrats, Val!

Grats Val!!! <3


Woohoo Val! Well deserved!

Very cool! Congrats!


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