Scholae Palatinae Proconsul Applications Extended


Scholae Palatinae Proconsul Applications Extended

Hello DJB,

I am extending the deadline for applications for the CSP Proconsul position to this next Friday. With summertime well upon us, I know everyone is rather busy. This position is open to everyone to apply for. The PCON will be working closely with myself as we continue to shape CSP into the most kickass Imperial remnant possible.

General expectations are a quick email turnaround, willingness to jump in on our ongoing projects, and being able to put up with working with myself.

Applications should be sent to my email: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

I think the message we are all hearing here is that more Protectors should apply for the position :P

Or Guardians!

Csp rules!

CSP is a great Clan to work with and Xen is an awesome Consul who anyone could learn a lot from, so if you're considering applying and you want to learn how to be a good Consul one day, this is a great position to apply for.

Even if you don't think you're going to get it, you should apply. You might be surprised, and even if you don't get it you will show the leader of an entire Clan your interest in leadership and that can be a great way to jumpstart your DJB career and give you more opportunities in the future.

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