Shan Aedile First Report


Shan Aedile First Report


This Guy- Aedile intro

Whats up Satele Shan. Your new Aedile here. Not entirely sure what to put here. Most of you know me for my activity both in Tython Squadron and in Telegram. This will be my First report. My name is Talis. I was promoted from Battleteam Leader to Aedile earlier this month and am getting use to the position, so bear with me. I was replaced by Tyraal Bitshiver just recently and I think he will do great in the position but I will let him introduce himself in his own report. Congratulation to him and I look forward to working with the Summit. I will start with Awards, clusters and promotions and then talk about a personal project of mine.


  • Mauro Wynter was awarded a Dark Side Scroll for having his self titled wiki article selected as the DB Wiki’s Featured Article for this, the month of May. Mauro was also Awarded a Seal Of Loyalty for his continued loyalty to the Brotherhood.

  • Junazee was awarded a Sapphire Blade for her work with the Fist as well as amassing a large quantity of CFs and CEs.

  • Maximus Alvinius was also awarded a Seal of Loyalty in recognition of his loyalty to the brotherhood.

Clusters Awarded from April 15 till May 14 2018

Jafits Skrumm * 113(REALLY!!!) Clusters of Fire * 59 Clusters of Earth

Janus Stormwind * 12 Clusters of Graphite

Maximus Alvinius * 11 Clusters of Fire

Mauro Wynter * 9 Clusters of Graphite * 2 Clusters of Ice

Chrome * 3 Clusters of Graphite

Congratulations on the Clusters guys. Keep it up.

Promotions(By far my favorite part)

  • Rayth was promoted to Acolyte for his large amounts of activity.

  • Brenn Thaonlin was promoted from Initiate and worked up to Proselyte.

I hope to continue to announce your promotions as you progress on your paths.

Personal Project.

I am a fiction/writing guy. No reason to deny it and from my short time as the battle leader of Tython Squadron I was very pushy about getting the entire unit to have updated and valid character sheets with a useable loadout. I have reached out to those of the House who could use some work on their character sheets and would encourage everyone club wide to do this. If you are not a JM4 yet then it is an easy promotion requirement to knock out and it also allows others, especially the summit to use you in official fictions and reports. I did not do a fiction this time around because I plan on using a different group of members each time, working with each member to show off just who their character is. This of course will start next month for my next report so until then.

Ta Ta For Now.

Mystic Talis DeMorte, Aedile, Satele Shan Mystic Talis DeMorte
Aedile, Satele Shan

Fiction, let's go! Nice introduction report; probably a lot better than mine will be, heh

Great first report and congrats Tyraal!

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