Spoiler Ban: Rise of Skywalker


Spoiler Ban: Rise of Skywalker


Rise of Skywalker spoilers are banned across all DB communications including official and clan telegram chats, discord, and mailing lists until January 20, 2020.

As always, the DB Spoiler Chat is the only exception to the ban and will be available for people who want to talk about the movie and aren't afraid of spoilers! Ask for an invite on Telegram. Note that DB Spoiler Chat is our general-purpose spoiler chat, so you'll likely see spoilers for both the movie and The Mandalorian in there.

As I noted in my spoiler ban post for The Mandalorian, our general policy is to ban spoilers for new Star Wars movies for several weeks after release so that everyone has a reasonable chance to enjoy them without having to worry about avoiding DB chats or mailing lists.

I think the internet has been spoiling it enough lol

that sucks but reasonable 👌

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