Stand Alone Star Wars Film Announced! (2016)


Stand Alone Star Wars Film Announced! (2016)

Stand Alone Star Wars Film Announced!

Aww yea. They had hinted about something like this when talking about the new direction the franchise was going. And now they are backing it up! A new stand alone movie is being directed by Gareth Edwards (who directed the new Godzilla movie) and has background in Visual Effects. The screenplay is being written by Gary Whitta (After Earth, The Book of Eli). The film is due out December 16, 2016.

"Ever since I saw Star Wars I knew exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life - join the Rebel Alliance! I could not be more excited & honored to go on this mission with Lucasfilm,” -- Gareth Edwards.

(Wally's "I-went-to-film-school-so-I-kinda-know-movies" opinion)

Say what you want about the new Godzilla film, but I thought the movie was incredibly well done. The acting was a bit melodramatic for my taste, but that's more in line with my problems with the disaster-movie-genre. As far as those types of films go it's a technical masterpiece, and has a very unique take on the Godzilla story, the repeated folly of man thinking it can control nature, Easter Eggs hidden throughout, and visuals that made the creatures and the devastation they wrought real. Looking at Mr. Edwards IMDB, he has credits in the Visual Effects world. Knowing what we know about Star Wars and its technology, and the various creatures that make it so wonderful, I think he will thrive in bringing the exotic species we've come to know and love to life. I think he has a fresh enough view on film-making that he will adapt to the style of a contemporary science fiction film.

So, in short, I'm incredibly optimistic about this "side" project. I think it will be unique from J.J's larger-than-life undertaking, and should be a fun addition to the new Star Wars universe.

You can read the full article here.

(Thanks to Muz for sharing the link)



Thanks for posting Wally, saved me a task ;)

But which will it be? Solo? Fett? Yoda?

I hope they don't do a Yoda one. The mystery is what makes him so awesome.

Fett sucks and he's dead so it'd be a waste to make a movie based on him :P

They see me Trollin. ^^^^^^

Fett was terrible to begin with... well, not terrible, but insanely overrated. But they made him even worse in the Clone Wars.. unfortunately, Mando fanboys and girls alike will drive that movie to creation, so I'm hoping it at least comes second of the three standalone movies, so I can ignore it in the middle of the trilogy.

Godzilla vs. Mechafett?

I really want see OLD Republic era stuff

Im not a Boba Fett guy, but maybe a movie about him will make him cooler. Maybe? Hopefully?

Other peeps's movies Id prefer to see before Fett's: Ackbar Lando Mace Windu Lobot Ackbar

Old Republic stuff would be awesome, but somehow I imagine everything Star Wars for at least the next five years will be all post-RotJ based. A bounty hunter would be cool. Something a bit more mature than the standard trilogies. Edwards seems like a solid director, though (haven't seen Godzilla yet)

Trout, it's almost like you feel a kinship with Ackbar :P

It's a trap

We already had a movie about a aquatic character. Jar Jar and The Phantom Menace.

I would like fett but more about the Mandolorians.

Ugh... Mandalorians are useless... they lose all their wars :P

Lando would be pretty sweet. As would Leia's origins with the Rebellion, leading up to the whole Tantive IV bit.

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