Tarentum CON Report #2


Tarentum CON Report #2



So, I had originally intended to publish this report about a week ago. As my job has progressed, I've been busy. This is a really cool area, and a fantastic opportunity for myself and my family. I'm still a Paramedic, but now living on the Olympic peninsula in Port Angeles, WA and my wife and I love it. And Mini-Beef 1.0 and 2.0 love it out here, too.

Plus, Father's Day was Sunday. So it was nice to get out with the fam. I hope you sll enjoyed the day. I hope it's been a fruitful summer so far, and that you have an amazing time both within the Brotherhood and Clan, as well as in all you do in life. Be well. Do well. Find things to dwell in the will bring you profound happiness and joy. That way, all of this will be more worthwhile. This Club is about leisure, fun, friendships and the freedom to be a part of the Star Wars universe.

Let's get to some fiction.


The ocean of rage
Is never calmed by man's fear.
It creates more depth.

Your Lordship:

I apologize for the delay in my report. You must assuredly understand that I cannot always risk communication with you, my Lord. I certainly hope you will always appreciate my dedication and faithfulness to your cause, Lord. And, even in silence, I sincerely wish for your continued patience with my meager efforts. Never doubt that I am ever your faithful servant. Forever will I serve your cause. And, so long as it pleases you, I will remain your eyes and ears here in Yridia. That being said, allow me to hurry into this most updated report.

As you know, Tarentum is still a staunch supporter of the Brotherhood. Though the Tarenti are often seen as miscreants and anarchs among the organization, their upper echelons of leadership adamantly support the Iron Throne. Even if they do not agree with your rivals, Lord, the Tarenti serve them. Though they will stand against the Iron Throne or Dark Council if they truly oppose current goals or leadership, Tarentum will never leave the Brotherhood. They are not a repeat of Ar’Kell or the cult of Crona.

The recent changes in leadership are perhaps an opportunity to seek out an alliance. I cannot in all sincerity understand the vastness of your resources. Every man has their price, my Lord. I am sure you know this better than I. The position of Consul has fallen once again to Sith Bloodfyre, a man known most humbly as “The Ghost Dragon.” I am sure you will understand my sarcasm. The man truly believes himself to be the living embodiment of Death, Lord. He is certainly egotistical, megalomaniacal, and ridiculous in his self-absorption. There must be an opening for your talents. Or those of any of your other agents with silver tongues.

Bloodfyre has chosen a soldier as his second. A well-known pilot, to be specific. Rax Von-Klug is a Tau pilot and veteran warrior. I'm sure Bloodfyre is looking to draw on past history with his choice in this man. You surely remember that Tau is hailed and praised as the founding fathers of Tarentum. In this day and age, I can only imagine the power of selling renewed ties there. The likelihood of this man being an asset to us does not seem great, in my sight. However, only you can truly judge the worth of your avenues here, your Lordship.

House Mortis finds itself under the tutelage of a rather decrepit necrophile known as Samael Ozriel. Samael and his second, Thanadd Mawgath are said to be students and vassals to Bloodfyre. Beyond that, House Liath is guided by Ranarr Kul and Etah Shankura as second. Etah is also known to be a vassal of the Consul, and Ranarr is a veteran leader of Tarentum. I would suggest that the power base in Tarentum is highly dedicated and subservient to Sith Bloodfyre. If he could be turned to your service, Lord, I believe Tarentum might serve you in full. It is certainly an avenue to pursue.

Their fortresses seem to center around Castle Tarentum under the waves of Yridia II (often simply called “Yridia”), where once the Clan Summit resided exclusively, though they are now said to be mobile in an unknown pattern of circulation. Beyond their castle, there is also a base on Yridia’s moon Koros. Here, there was formerly a subterranean complex that was rumored to have been destroyed when Bloodfyre pulled a Star Destroyer out of the sky to crash it into an infestation of undead. I'm certain this is highly fantasized and overspoken by Tarentum, my Lord. There is no such evidence of this event.

Tarentum also makes heavy use of an asteroid within the Itaana belt, called “the Sword’s Sheath,” wherein the military of Tarentum is known to have a large presence. The Itaana belt is useful for harvesting various ore and other minerals. This is certainly an asset for us to seek after. Additionally, there is an asylum on Yridia IX (this planet is sometimes simply called “Eden”) where Tarentum has housed various projects. The asylum is known to have sentimental value to the Consul. Bloodfyre has been said to utilize this place as his home. The Clan calls it the “Mystics Asylum,” and it is revered as a house of death and study of dark magics. I'm certain their most potent Sith would know what transpires therein, your Lordship.

I hope I am not restating things you are aware of, my Lord. I simply want to be thorough. Tarentum seems to be regaining strength. At one point, the Clan was held on the verge of death. Many in the Brotherhood believed the Clan was going to disappear or be destroyed. However, after the treachery of Raiju Kang, Farrin Xies and then Frosty Romanae helped to steer the Clan of Life and Death back into a full head of steam. Tarentum continues to reach its stride. Its alliance with Arcona remains strong. It has established a strong alliance with Plagueis, which we believe to have significant weight with Bloodfyre. Beyond that, Tarentum has cemented ties with Naga Sadow, and we know that Clan has strong ties through Lord Aeternus. Tarentum is not a whimpering calf. It is trying to press itself back towards the front of the pack.

Eden is a center of mercenary activity. We know that Tarentum has a tenuous relationship with the criminal syndicates. There is a rumored settlement of Quarren on the watery world of Yridia that is said to at least be a partial ally of the Clan and may serve Tarentum's defense. There is also the rumors of dark tidings that continue to follow Tarentum. People talk of “soulsprings” that are the doorway to power in Yridia, but I have yet to decipher the meaning of these things. I will relay further information on this subject as I am able. I do not wish to dig too deeply yet, lest I reveal myself and fall victim to their prying eyes.

I will send further reports to continue this assignment faithfully, my Lord. I am happy to continue in your service as long as it pleases you.

Your loyal servant,

Rax looked up from the screen. Hades, Pel and Fremoc were all looking at him in silence, and had been waiting for the Proconsul to finish reading.

“We don't know who this K-person is,” Pel offered, “nor whether this is the first report he's sent.”

“We believe this was transmitted approximately six hours ago,” Fremoc continued, “but it's possible that it was set to transmit on a regular schedule. We tracked the source to a repeater signal in the Itaana belt. I'd say this person is set up with multiple avenues of communication to transmit out of the system, no matter where he or she happens to be at in any given period of time.”

“Who else knows about this right now?” Rax didn't pace, or fidget. On the surface of his physical shell, he was as calm as a corpse. His mind was racing.

“No one outside of intelligence,” Hades answered. “It has been kept to a minimum right now. The reporting officer transmitted directly to the three of us as protocol demands, and we contacted you. Even Sith has yet to be informed.”

“I'll relay this to Bloodfyre when I next speak with him,” Rax nodded. “We're due to speak on the next few hours. Something tells me he's going to have a spontaneous aneurysm.”

Silence fell over the four men for a long pause. Each was a warrior. Rax, Pel and Hades were raised as pilots, and Fremoc was a warrior and former FIST of the Dark Council. They weren't probe to idle chatter.

“War is coming, gentlemen,” Rax finally spoke. “It always does. It always has. We can all feel it on the horizon. And now we have agents potentially in our midst. Keep a set of eyes on your six. On all of our asses. We're going to be vulnerable if we can't find this asset and track who they're reporting to and why. Let's get eyes on target.”


Haiku Heaven:
This comp is going to be put on hold. With the GJW coming August 1st, and the request that all events be put on hold for it, it's just easier to push it back. Instead, it will start after the GJW ends. I like Haiku, and it'll be a good opportunity to have some fun with poetry.

Driftwood 2017:
This comp is in full swing until the GJW begins. There's several events already going on. Each is meant to be a quick, easy, fun way to participate and do stuff with your Tarenti kin. Your leadership is excited to bring each event to you for some entertainment value. Participate and have fun!

To Wrap It Up

If you've never been a part of a GJW, it's a fun series of events to really enrich the fiction of the Brotherhood and help your characters to grow. Additionally, it's a great way to earn some huge prizes. I'd love to take First. I'm not going to lie. I want to stomp this one hard. I want to show each of you to the whole Club. I want to exhibit just how amazing each of you are. I want to earn this Clan a win, and give this Club a huge dose of Tarentum. I know we can do it. Let's kick some ass, right? Right?!

August 1st is the starting line. An opportunity for us all to be our very best selves. The GJWs take a lot of tenacity and dedication, but you each have it in you to turn this Club upside down. I'm going to be with you every step of the way. With you follow me into the gates of hell and beyond? Will you stare down the might of each of the other Clans and spit fire and ichor and unleash the powers of Oblivion? Stand at my side. Go forth and conquer. There's truly no one greater than a motivated Tarenti, in my opinion. I love the other Clans, and I respect them beyond belief. But I know how awesome and imposing Tarentum can be when we start running and become that mighty juggernaut of death and demonic fury.

Get on your steeds, and let loose the horsemen of a necromantic apocalypse!

- The Olympic peninsula is a beautiful place to live.
- Fiction!
- Comps! We should be getting ready for the GJW, but there's also some fun things to do within Tarentum's light-hearted comps, as well.
- Events to do, but some on hold for the GJW that's coming August 1st!

Have a great week, Tarentum. I love you guys!




AWESOME report sir!!! I'm with you all the way! Let's win this GJW!!!

This is just awesome to read.

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