Tarentum PCON Applications Open!


PCON Applications Period Open!

Ladies and gents,
As stated in my earlier report, I am looking for a Proconsul. The application period begins today, through the end of the month. There is no specific format. Email me, sell yourself. Tell me why you should be PCON of Tarentum. Then, we'll arrange a short interview over Telegram when our schedules line up.

Anyone can apply. I encourage outside-of-Clan members to apply. I'd love to continue extending the bonds of family and kinship beyond the regular Clan lines. We're growing, open to new ideas, and keeping up the momentum! So come apply. Send it to my email. Reference members who will speak highly of you. All that I ask is, if you're planning to apply, make sure your own Clan and House leadership know of your intent.

Also, in other news! There's new House Summits in Tarentum! Scion is getting ready to be a daddy soon! The Firebird will never truly be gone from Clan leadership, but he can certainly take a break to welcome in a new child. As such, Samael Ozriel (Kah Manet) has done a lateral to take the helm of Mortis with Thanadd Mawgath as Aedile. In Liath, Rekio Corsair is at the head of Liath, with Etah Shankura at his right hand to help expand our Greys. And, in an interesting twist, our own Darth Aeternus (Korras) has stepped up to fill the leadership of the Deathsworn.

Many thanks and congrats to these fine men on their respective appointments!



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Posted on May 5, 2017 at 4:56 PM

I advice all who have the willpower and the desire to be a great leader to apply, because working with Beef (and Darknyte and our house Summits) is just plain awesome!

Thank you for the stuff you've accomplished, former house leadership. I'm looking forward to what lies ahead.

Posted on May 6, 2017 at 7:04 PM
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A chance to learn from one of the greats is an opportunity few can afford to pass on. Send your apps in!