'The Ghosts of Sithmas Past' Holiday Special


'The Ghosts of Sithmas Past' Holiday Special

I'm here today to tell you all about a special holiday event! In short: happy Life Day and Sithmas (depending on your particular brand of celebration)!

The competition has already started and runs through January 6th, so there's even some time to recover from the traditional New Years' celebration hangover. There's a little bit of everything for everyone, so have fun!

  • The Ghosts of Sithmas Past - The parent competition where you can find the other tidbits for your consumption.
  • A Forceful Holiday Puzzle - Just as the name suggests, 'tis a puzzle of the season! Put it together as quick as you can!
  • Yeti's Sithmas Sports - A blast from the past in this flash game. Ever wanted to go clubbing, but everything's shut down because of snow? This one's only open with snow!
  • Twas the Night Before Sithmas... - In this fiction competition, write your tale along the lines of a Christmas/holiday story classic. Who'll be Scrooge, and who'll be Ralphie? How creative can you be?
  • Holiday Haiku - In the classic 5-7-5 format, create a Star Wars holiday-themed poem of one or more stanzas.
  • The Sithmas Song - Do you like caroling? Do you like Star Wars? Then this is the comp for you! Adapt a classic holiday song to fit the DJB.
  • Secret Sithmas Santa - Show your love (or undying revulsion) for one of the many leaders in the Club by textually creating a gift for them!
  • Sithmas Greetings - A classic "holiday card" graphics comp with a Star Wars twist for flavor.

And now that I look at all this, I feel like "Life Day" isn't as popular as it once was. Sithmas this and Sithmas that. Sheesh. Well kids, we hope you enjoy, and remember not to forego real world fun for sitting at a computer or staring at a phone screen for the next month!

already did a bunch of the events

Yes, goooooooooood.

Do the things!

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