The Great Jedi War: Civil War


The Great Jedi War: Civil War


Dark Brotherhood,

The Great Jedi War is upon us. The Star Chamber, Dark Council, and Clans have fragmented under two years of persistent war. The intrigue and betrayal that have guided these events will now conclude on the most infamous of all dark side planets, Korriban. The following links will guide you through our events and provide additional support for your submissions. Each competition has little tidbits from the story and you are going to need to have at least a minor understanding of what has been going on. I wish all of you the best of luck and may the spoils go to the victors.

As always, this event is designed for everyone to have fun. Do your best, but do it in the the spirit of fair play.

  1. Fictional Introduction: We Three Grand Masters
  2. Competition Links: GJW XI
  3. Run-On Link: Just in case you can't find it

Reference Material

  1. Plot Update 1: The Final Way
  2. Plot update 2: Krath Temple Burning
  3. Plot update 3: Jac moves on Antei
  4. Plot update 4: Muz's Unlikely Allies
  5. Plot update 5: The Civil War
  6. Fading Light Fiction: Nicht Ka
  7. GJW Fiction Folder: Here!
  8. Dantella Nova
  9. Synin Torin
  10. Colyn "Tusken" Skybender
  11. Rhiaen and Nalia Ust'essi
  12. Connor Grey
  13. Darth Necren
  14. Three Pontifexes
  15. dbb0t's analysis of alliances

And a Bonus Competition

  1. Guess Esoteric's Identity: Details. This is a bonus competition that has nothing to do with the Great Jedi War. It will not go towards scores, heroes, or any other GJW related outcome. Just for fun.

May the best Loyalist team win! Oh wait, that's us! :P Good Luck to all!!

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