The New Combat Master


The New Combat Master

Greetings all,

The Antei Combat Center is one the most unique aspects of the Brotherhood, offering a competitive writing environment unlike any other in our club. While the ACC has had its struggles over the years, as Arch illustrated recently quite well, it is capable of supporting tremendous activity and the Dark Council believes it offers unique opportunities that we would like to see developed and utilized by . Combat Master is incredibly important in this regard, not only for the competitions they run, but also for how they drive the development of the Center and encourage activity. With that in mind, we took our time with our applicants, asking them quite a few questions to gain an idea of their long term vision and what they thought of past ideas to change the ACC in various ways. And now, we are ready to announce our decision.

Join me in congratulating our latest Combat Master, Warlord Rajhin. Rajhin, known to most of us as Turel, has been active in the ACC for years. He's written some of the most enjoyable battles I've read, and has served as a Judge in the ACC and many positions outside of it. Turel is looking to engage a wider membership in the ACC by taking a hard look at core mechanics and systems and finding ways to make the ACC more accessible. Don't be surprised if you see some large changes to the ACC coming from the Combat Master.

And don't forget - The Tenixir Prison Break Event is underway now! Help drive the Brotherhood's upcoming fictional direction in the lead up to the next Great Jedi War!

Stay safe all,

Telaris "Mav" Cantor

Grand Master

All hail Turel, the new CM. Congratulations!

Congratulations bro!!!

Congrats Turel. I'll be looking to see what changes come to thr ACC.

Missed us that much did you? Congratulations!

Congrats, Turel.

Congratulations Turel!

Congratulations Rahjin!

Congratulations Turel!!! Looking forward to working with you :)

Perfect timing with the edTPA! Your life is now gone! Congrats!

Congrats, Turel!


Congrats, and good luck!

Congrats, old friend!!!

Now that Turel is the ruler, is this the end of the Turel Rule?

Never free, never free :P

Don't throw away your shot, sista. ;P

Congratulations Turel!!!

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